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About Estonia

Estonia is a country located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Estonia is also known as the Republic of Estonia. Estonia is a Democratic Parliamentary Republic. In Estonia, tourists like the sea beaches of Baltic Sea.

Currency :

Euro (€) (EUR)

Area :

45,227 square km (17,413 square miles)

Population :

1,286,540 (estimated)

Language :

Estonian (official)

Calling Code :


Time Zone :

Summer (DST) - EEST (UTC+3)

Climate & Geography

The climate of Estonia is moderate. Mild winters and cool summers can be experienced in the country. The Baltic Sea causes fluctuations between the climate of inland and coastal areas. July is the warmest month on the Baltic islands, and average temperatures remain between16 °C and 18°C and around ?3.5 °C in February. The average annual temperature in Estonia is 5.2 °C. There are around 125 days a year in Estonia, in which rainfall occurs.

The Estonia lies between the latitudes and longitudes 59°25?N 24°45?E

Territory & Capital : Estonia shares a border with the Gulf of Finland to the north, the Baltic Sea to the west, Latvia to the south, and Lake Peipus and Russia to the east. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn.

Suitable Visiting Seasons : The best time to visit Estonia is between March and June.


Airlines, Railways, Ships and Road transport are easily available in Estonia for transportation.

Tourist & Immigration Info

For the details and queries regarding documents required, and other guidelines for visiting the country, please contact the nearest embassy of Estonia.

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