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Apeksha Hotel, Chikmagalur

Vastare Chikmagalur, Aladgudde Vastare, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India | View on Map

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Apeksha Hotel

A Feeling of Warmth, Care and Concern is Sure to Engulf You with the Very First Step You Take Inside the Hotel. the Welcoming Reception is Tuned to Make You Feel At Home. all Your Needs and Comforts Will Be Our Responsibility from Now On.


The Drawing Room Beautiful and Divans Lined Up with Comfortable Cushions for Your Laid Back Sessions with Family and Guests Visiting You.


Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Where You Can Savour Delicious Different Types Of Cuisine.

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Apeksha Hotel

  • Vastare Chikmagalur, Aladgudde Vastare, Chikmagalur
    Karnataka, India - 577133
  • 0948XXXXXX View Contact No
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