Himayat Bagh

Himayat Bagh

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Himayat Bagh, Aurangabad Overview

The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb built a mesmerizing garden named Himayat Bagh during the 17th century. Himayat Bagh covering 400-acre land is located in Rauza Bagh of Aurangabad near Delhi Gate. The lush green lawns, an amazing nursery, and a stunning pool are worth a watch. The nursery is full of beautiful plants and saplings that one can buy. Being a part of Marathwada University, Himayat Bagh is home to Fruit Research Station. Its astonishing beauty attracts nature lovers and photographers.


Traveller Tips


Himayat Bagh, Daulatabad will soothe your mind. The greenery lawns will take you away from the chaos of the city. You can relax in the lap of nature. Walk along the pathways amidst the beautiful trees. If you get tired, sit comfortably and go through your favourite books.


Things to Do


• Long walk along the crisscrossed pathways and viewing the manicured garden will give you an amazing experience.

• You can read books on the lap of the garden.

• Don't forget to do photography of the lush green lawns.

• Visit the nursery and Fruit Research Station.

• Barra Darri, an underground water chamber, was meant for natural air conditioning system. It attracts travellers, who visit Himayat Bagh, Daulatabad.




• There is no entry fee. Anybody can travel to this garden at any time.

• Local foods are available

• This place allows a camera. This garden is a paradise for photographers.




Himayat Bagh was constructed in the 17th century during the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. During this period, dampness and exhalation led to the destruction of the northern wall of Aurangzeb's palace. Being scared of an unhealthy environment, he decided to convert the area in front of his office to fields. Later, one of his officials converted the fields into a garden. He named the garden the Mughal Garden. Now the garden is known as Himayat Bagh, Daulatabad. In the 17th century, the garden was full of fruit-bearing trees for the royal court and its officials.




Himayat Bagh is famous for Barra Darri, an amazing architecture set up by Ivaz Khan. A marvelous achievement of engineering, Barra Darri is an underground water chamber. Its unique feature is that Barra Darri acts as a natural air conditioning system. This noteworthy architecture when operated could lower the temperature of the entire area of the garden. Now the system is inoperative. Barra Darri is now the home of the office of Fruit Research Station.




On the eve of International Birds day, nature lovers get the opportunity to watch a variety of colourful birds at Himayat Bagh, Daulatabad. Environmental Research Foundation and Educational Academy organizes the Bird Watching Trail on International Birds Day from 6:30 am to 9:30 am. There is no entry fee. Viewers can learn about different species of birds from experts.


Popular Culture


• Language: Marathis is the primary spoken language.

• Cuisine: The delicious cuisine has a lingering influence of Maratha traditions, Mughal traditions, and Hyderabadi traditions. Kabab, haleem, pulao, biriyani, and taheri are the most common as well as appetizing dishes.

• Handicrafts: Himroo shawls and Paithani sari are the examples of elegant handicrafts of Himayat Bagh. This area is also famous for its unique Bidriware, gold, and silverwork on Bidri.

• Folk Culture: Lezim and Tamasha are popular folk dances.


Best Time to Visit


The mesmerizing garden Himayat Bagh is open throughout the year. Anybody can visit the garden at any time. But morning session remains crowded because most of the people prefer to have a morning walk at Himayat Bagh, Daulatabad. If you want a solitary walk, you may visit the garden in the late morning. Though the garden is open throughout the year, the winter season is the best time to visit here owing to cool temperatures.


How to Reach


Train: Aurangabad Railway station is just 6 km. away from Himayat Bagh. From the station, the time taken to reach the garden is 15-20 minutes by bus. Taxi and autorickshaw are also available to reach the garden.

Bus: Delhi Gate, Collector's Office, Amkhas Maidan, and Naubat Darwaza are the nearby bus stops of Himayat Bagh. You can take a bus from Aurangabad to reach Himayat Bagh.


Interesting Facts and Trivia About


 As the Himayat Bagh was set up during the Mughal Period, long walk through its pathways will give you the essence of history.

 Barra Darri is an interesting architecture of Himayat bagh.

 Its variety of plants and saplings that one can buy is a unique feature.




1.What is the time to visit the garden?

One can visit the garden anytime.

2.How to reach Himayat Bagh, Daulatabad quickly from Aurangabad Railway Station?

One can take the bus, taxi, or autorickshaw to reach the garden within 20 minutes.

3.What is the entry fee of Himayat Bagh?

There is no entry fee.

4.Can I visit the garden during this pandemic situation?

This pandemic situation is not a suitable time to visit the Himayat Bagh.


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