Panchakki And Baba Shah Musafir Temple

Panchakki And Baba Shah Musafir Temple

  • Aurangabad
  • Maharashtra
  • India

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Panchakki And Baba Shah Musafir Temple, Aurangabad Overview

Located close to Bibi ka Maqbara in Daulatdabad, Panchakki is a water mill complex consisting of a court, a madrasa, the house of a minister, a mosque, houses dedicated to females and a Sarai. The mill gets it names from the grinding mill used to crush grains for the pilgrims. Enclosed in varieties of blue and shades of green, Panchakki is a perfect picnic spot and a much-frequented attraction in Daulatabad.


A personification of medieval Indian architecture, Panchakki alias Nehar-e-Panchakki was erected in 1744 in the memory of Hazrat Baba Shah Musafir. He was a Sufi saint and spiritual guide of Aurangzeb. The amazing Panchakki is situated in the heart of the city, meaning the chakki or grinder run by water. This panchakki was set up in the 17th century for the pilgrims and followers of saints as well as for hordes of the garrison. There is a pond on one side and on the other side is this grinding mill.


There is an underground water stream six km away from Panchakki, which is a stream of Harsul River. It is known to be the source of steady water supply to this construction and is transported through earthen pipes. You can only envisage the pure brilliance and farsightedness of the creation plan of this marvel.


Dargah Baba Shah Musafir is a 17th-century memorial built by Emperor Aurangzeb in the honour of Baba Shah Musafir who was the spiritual teacher of the emperor. The memorial complex has a tombstone of Baba Shah Musafir temple or a mosque, a beautiful garden and an enticing fountain. The ambience created in the beautiful complex is remarkably peaceful and inviting.


Special Attraction:


What is noteworthy is that even though the purpose of the building Panchakki was sheer utility, the beauty of it is not compromised at least. The peaceful silver waters of the pool act like the sky's glass and the mild, rhythmic currents hypnotise the spectator. One can find many attractive places to visit like Shahi Eidgah and Navkhanda Palace.



History of Panchakki And Baba Shah Musafir Temple:


This spellbinding structure was built with great engineering and floor plans that were way ahead of their time. At the time of structure, Panchakki was a real whizz for the whole nation. Based purely on cutting-edge physics and technical principles, its key purpose was to generate electricity from an adjacent flowing spring and grind grains for the use of pilgrims, saints, military troops and devotees that came to Daulatabad in the 17th century.


Baba Shah Musafir Dargah, an extensive garden featuring amazingly beautiful vestiges. It is primarily known for the fact that from here one can see the view Kham River and the cenotaph of Baba Shah Musafir.


Architecture of Panchakki And Baba Shah Musafir Temple:


Panchakki and the maqbara in the complex were erected by Turktaz Khan, a nominated noble on the staff of King Nizam-ul-Mulk Asaf Jah. The comprehensive and deep tank that greets you in front of the Baba Shah Musafir Temple, Daulatabad and beautiful flowering fountains were added about twenty years later by Jamil Beg Khan.


Best Time to Visit Panchakki And Baba Shah Musafir Temple:


The best time to visit Panchakki and Baba Shah Musafir Temple, Daulatabad is from November to March.

The weather is moderately pleasant around this time. But if you want to see this Panchakki in its active phase, then monsoon is the best time to visit. Winters are somewhat chilling, but people usually enjoy this kind of weather while touring.


How to Reach Panchakki And Baba Shah Musafir Temple Daulatabad?


Daulatabad is one of the most popular places to visit in Maharashtra. State buses and private tour vehicles regularly ply to the city, and Panchakki is only 1 km away from the central city.


The nearest bus stop to Panchakki is Ghati bus stop at a mere distance of 350 meters. Aurangabad Railway Station is the closest railhead, at a distance of 4 km, which is approximately a 12 min drive.


Tourists can hire a private car, an auto rickshaw or use public transportation like city buses to reach there. The drive is an approximate 4-5 km from Central Bus Stand and 8-10 km from Railway Station.


Interesting Facts and Trivia about Panchakki:


1. The Panchakki watermill dated back to the 17th century and built with the intention to grind grains for the Sufi saints.


2. This watermill gets it supply from an underground conduit connected to a well located right on the top Harsul river junction.


3. There is a huge banyan tree of more than 300 years age, which stands tall by Panchakki. It only add brimming magnificence to its beauty.


Things to Do:


When you have planned you visit Panchakki, don’t forget to visit Dargah of Baba Shah Musafir very close to it.


Pay very nominal fees at the premise, and enjoy the beautiful sight of pure and shiny water.

Enjoy the excellent panoramic view of the beautiful Kham River.




For visiting the whole area along with the Dargah of Baba Shah Musafir, you can easily find experienced guides over there. They very well explain the history and other crucial details related to the ancient Panchakki and Dargah.


Other nearby attractions are:


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• Aurangabad Water system

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Traveller Tips:


Do not touch any part of the watermill which is strictly prohibited from maintaining state and order of the Panchakki.

Do not carry any eatables or plastic bags inside the premise. Maintaining the cleanliness is on the top priority.

Keep a close eye on children with visiting with them.


Nearby restaurants


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Food lovers

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Famous for: This place is famous for tourism, experience seekers, photography and learning.

If you also want to explore the ancient beauty and magnificent engineering of Panchakki and Baba Shah Musafir temple in Daulatabad, book a tour package with guide facility.




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