Kailash Temple

Kailash Temple

  • Aurangabad
  • Maharashtra
  • India
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  • Timings Tuesday Closed and 7 00 AM - 6 00 PM
  • Time Required Around 4 hours
  • Entry Fee INR 10 per person and INR 250 per person (Foreigners)
  • Dedicated To Kailashanatha (Lord Shiva)

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Kailash Temple, Aurangabad Overview

The Kailasha Temple is located near the village of Ellora about 30-kms from Aurangabad. This famous temple is famous for its amazing architecture. This is the largest excavation out of 34 excavations at Ellora, which took almost a century. The Kailash temple is carved out of one piece of rock. It is supposed that the creation of the Kailash Temple was started in the mid 8th century under the direction of King Krishna I (757-775) of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. This temple is world's largest monolithic structure carved from one piece of rock and the most extensive rock-cut projects ever undertaken.


Kailash Temple has number of images of deities, animals, and other mythical creatures from the puranas in a manner that leaves one in rapturous delight. Entire panels were carved showing scenes from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. It is measured as the world's biggest monolithic structure and also the most wide rock-cut projects ever undertaken. This temple is the place of Ellora festival organized by MTDC in the month of December. The Ellora festival is a celebration of music and dance and is attended by a large number of people.

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