Hariraya Temple

Hariraya Temple

  • Chamba
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • India

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Hariraya Temple, Chamba Overview

If you adore visiting the historical sites then here’s a reason for you to be glad! The beautiful Chamba is a place that has something more than its natural beauty. It houses an amazing temple of Lord Vishnu that is known by the name of Hariraya. It is an eleventh-century marvel and stands in the traditional Himachali style of architecture. The temple is visited by the devotees extensively.

It Is Known For:-

1) Hariraya Temple is an eleventh-century Hindu temple in Chamba
2) It is constructed in the traditional Himachali style of architecture and enshrines Lord Vishnu with three faces and four arms
3) The three faces of Lord Vishnu depict him as a boar (Varaha) on one side and lion (Simha) on the other. The center face is of a human
4) The idol of the lord is adorned with the armlets, mukut, and other precious gemstones
5) Prayers to Lord Vishnu are offered four times in a day and numerous devotees participate in this divine call
6) All Hindu festivals and Vaikuntha Ekadashi are celebrated with a great pomp

Best Time To Visit:-

Hariraya Temple is visited on a huge scale by the locals and tourists alike. It welcomes the devotees on a daily basis. However, the apt time to mark the attendance in this temple is on the occasion of Vaikuntha Ekadashi. It is the day when the temple witnesses a huge footfall from the early hours of the auspicious day.

Watch Out!

Hariraya Temple is an ancient temple and there are some stern regulations for all visitors. Everyone is expected to wear decent clothes and do not carry the items that are made up of leather. Moreover, the visitors who’re carrying any sort of ammo are not allowed inside the shrine. The ammo has to be submitted before visiting the temple.

Reaching There:-

You can easily reach Chamba by getting your seats reserved in express trains, inter-state luxury buses, or flights that connect Chamba with the rest of Himachal Pradesh. Traveling within the township can be done easily by hiring the service of the local transit that is available frequently.

Nearest Railway Station - Pathankot Railway Station

Nearest Airport - Pathankot Airport

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