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  • Katasan Devi Temple in Chamba#1
    Katasan Devi Temple

    One of the most visited holy shrines in Chamba happens to be Katsan Devi Temple and there is no doubt about the same. Correct us if we are wrong, but ...


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  • Chaugan in Chamba#2

    Chaugan means a plain in the local Himachali language. It is a vast plain in Chamba that is a major attraction for many locals and tourists. It covers...

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  • Church of Scotland in Chamba#3
    Church of Scotland

    Church of Scotland is a name that is popular among the tourists that visit to Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the primeval tourist attraction...

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  • Bhuri Singh Museum - Chamba in Chamba#4
    Bhuri Singh Museum - Chamba

    huri Singh Museum is an intriguing and must-see site for all visitors, especially for the ones that admire gathering the historical knowledge about a ...


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  • Hariraya Temple in Chamba#5
    Hariraya Temple

    If you adore visiting the historical sites then here’s a reason for you to be glad! The beautiful Chamba is a place that has something more than its...


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  • Shri Hari Rai Temple in Chamba#6
    Shri Hari Rai Temple

    Himachal Pradesh is a state in northern India with many beautiful mountain ranges, rivers and valleys in every corner. The land is the next closest th...


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  • Vajreshwari Temple in Chamba#7
    Vajreshwari Temple

    Vajreshwari Temple, Chamba also known as Shree Vajreshwari Mata Mandir, Kangra Devi Mandir or Brajeshwari Temple is a temple that is solely dedicated ...


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  • Chamunda Devi Temple in Chamba#8
    Chamunda Devi Temple

    Another 20 km. from Kangra is the famous Chamund Nandikeshwar Dham. This place also has a beautiful bathing ghat and a small temple across the bridge ...

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  • Khajjiar Lake in Chamba#9
    Khajjiar Lake

    At an height of 1900 metres in district Chamba, 16 Kms from Dalhousue and 25 Kms from Chamba. Fed by tiny streams, this little lake lies at in the cen...

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  • Laxmi Narayan Temple in Chamba#10
    Laxmi Narayan Temple

    This Shikhara style temple was built by Sahil Varman in the 10th century AD. In this complex, there are five other main temples and are artistically d...

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  • Akhand Chandi Palace in Chamba#16
    Akhand Chandi Palace

    Akhand Chandi Palace is an amazing example of the primeval architecture in Himachal Pradesh. It is an fascinating palace that magnetizes the visitors ...


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  • Tundah Sanctuary in Chamba#17
    Tundah Sanctuary

    Tundah Sanctuary A high altitude sanctuary with good, though disturbed, habitat for Himalayan tahr, Ibex and pheasants. The area also supports a sma...

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  • Saho Temple in Chamba#18
    Saho Temple

    Saho is situated on a high plateau on the bank of the river Sal. It is famous for the temple dedicated to Lord (Chandrashekhar) Shiva with his moon cr...


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  • Trekking In Chamba in Chamba#19
    Trekking In Chamba

    Do you want to satisfy your quest for fun and adventure? Then, trekking in Chamba district is a thrilling activity you should not miss in your lifetim...


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  • Champavati Temple in Chamba#20
    Champavati Temple

    Champavati Temple is a popular Hindu temple in Chamba. This temple is one of the primeval attractions that are frequently visited by the visitors on a...


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  • Sechu Tuan Nala Sanctuary in Chamba#21
    Sechu Tuan Nala Sanctuary

    A very high altitude sanctuary with significant populations of Ibex, Musk deer, and Pheasants. Snow leopards are also reported from here. AREA AND...


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  • Gamgul Sanctuary in Chamba#22
    Gamgul Sanctuary

    A high-altitude sanctuary harbouring small populations of Musk deer, Himalayan tahr, and pheasants. This is the only sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh whi...


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Things To Do In Chamba

One can make visit to various places in the city such as Laxmi Narayan Temple, Brajeshwari Devi Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Sui Mata Temple, Gandhi Gate, Bhuri Singh Museum etc.

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