Purani Haveli

Purani Haveli

  • Hyderabad
  • Telangana
  • India
Amont Things to Do in Hyderabad
  • Established 1880s
  • Architectural Style European architecture
  • Nearest Railway Station Kacheguda Dbr Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport Hyderabad Airport
  • Timing 10 AM to 5 PM .Friday Closed.
  • Cost Rs 80 per adult and Rs 15 per child
  • Camera Fee Rs 150-500 for camera
  • 730 Packages
  • 2613 Travel Agent
  • 420 Hotels
  • 20 Tourist Spots

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Purani Haveli, Hyderabad Overview

Purani Haveli lies to the southeast of Afzal Gunj Bridge near Dewandevdi in Hyderabad. Purani Haveli is a U shaped complex with a single storied central building in European style, bordered by two double storied oblong wings. Purani Haveli (lit. 'Old Quarters') was originally established and designated to be the residential quarters of Mir Momen, the Peshwa(Prime Minister) of Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in the late sixteenth century.

It was acquired by Nizam III in the eighteenth century to renovate and designate it to be his son's (Sikandar Jah's) quarters. When Sikandar Jah decided to move to the Khilaurat complex, this place came to be known as Purani Haveli . This architectural landmark of Hyderabad reflects the combination of 18th century European facades with traditional Indian courtyards.

Two annexes are attached to the northern ends of the parallel wings. The 18th century European architecture is reflected in the main building which has many interesting pieces of antique furniture. One can see two vast courtyards surrounded by rooms and deep verandahs with semicircular European arches. It was built during the reign of the Asaf Jahis. Some rooms still have their tiled walls and mosaic flooring intact, and their multitude colours recall the past glory of the palace. A library and the Mukarram Jah Technical Institute form part of the complex. A museum with seventh Nizam's collection of gifts is also seen.

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