Tsutenkaku Tower

Tsutenkaku Tower

  • Osaka
  • Japan
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Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka Overview

Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka is a well-known landmark, owned by Tsutenkaku Kanko Co., Ltd. The literal translation of the name of the tower is “Tower Reaching Heaven” and truly, it is an exemplary site to behold, as it is very high. The tower is of total 103 meter and is popular for advertising Hitachi.


Earlier another tower occupied the place the current one holds. The original tower was built in 1912 and was inspired by the Eiffel Tower. The old tower was adjacent to Luna Amusement Park and was connected to it by an aerial cable car. It was one of the most popular tourist destinations. However, in 1943 the original tower suffered a fire accident that left it severely damaged beyond repair. Thus, in its place the current tower us reconstructed and many changes were introduced that the earlier one did not have. The steel of the original tower was used for war effort. 


The current tower has an eight-side structure with the fifth floor having an enshrined Billiken known as the God of Happiness. Besides, the tower is renowned for its neon lights that change every few years. Although, the neon ones are now replaced with LED lights that are more energy efficient. The reason the lights spell out Hitachi is the company sponsors the tower since 1957.  

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