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Kandy Lake

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Kandy Lake, Kandy Overview

Kandy Lake can be seen as a symbol for the hilly city, situated in the heart of its landscape, near the Temple of the Tooth. It is an artificial creation, made in 1807 by King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, the last ruler of the Kingdom of Kandy as well as of Sri Lanka.


The Making
A paddy field is what the lake land used to be before the king ordered it to be excavated. All the ministers and advisors who opposed his move were brought to a tragic end. He ordered to build a dam for crossing over to the other side but later had it broken from both ends to create an island. A Walakulu wall was also being constructed around the lake to further beautify it but the city was taken over by the British invaders before it could be completed. The wall stills stands incomplete.


An evening at the lake
Strolling around the lake is the favorite pastime of many natives as well as tourists, particularly during the evening around the Temple of the Tooth. A few seating spots allow the onlookers to relax and just admire the beauty.


Quick Facts
Spill level above: 1740 M.L.S
Capacity: 704 acre-feet
Perimeter of the tank: 2.1 miles
Maximum depth: 60 feet
Length of the decorative wall: 2,060 feet
Catchment area: 1.045 Q.M.I

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