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Royal Palace of Kandy - Kandy Sri Lanka

The old Royal Palace of Kandy stands as a reminder of Sri Lanka’s last native rule by the Kandyan Dynasty. Before the British took over, this palace was the residence of the last king, Sri Vikrama Rajasinha.


It was first built in the 14th century by King Vickramabahu III and Senasamatha Vickramabahu of Gampola Kingdom. The royal palace, since then, has seen both destruction and restoration several times.


The Structure
During its golden days, the palace was part of a larger complex, including the Temple of the Tooth and the royal court known as the Magul Maduwa. Inside, you will find administrative chambers of ministers, the queen’s chamber, an armory and the quarters of the royal concubines. The royal court is a large audience hall where a convention was signed, marking the end of the Kandyan Kingdom.


National Museum of Kandy
Whatever has survived from the original structure, apart from the temple, was converted into the National Museum of Kandy in 1942. All the chambers are now galleries where artefacts from both the Kandyan Kingdom and the British era are on display. The museum is run by the Department of Archeology and the Department of National Museum of the central government.


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