Times Square

Times Square

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Times Square, New York Overview

Times Square is a prime commercial intersection that establishes itself at the juncture of 42nd Street, Seventh Avenue and Broadway intersect. It is the busiest square of New York and has also won several acclaims such as ‘The Great White Way’, ‘The Crossroads of the World’, and ‘The Center of the Universe’. Times Square lures thirty nine million visitors each year.

The triangle that lies in the north of Times Square is called the Duffy Square, which was named after Chaplain Francis P. Duffy in year 1937. Along with the memorial of Chaplain Francis P. Duffy, there is also a figurine of George M. Cohan that can be located in Times Square. There is also a TKTS in Times Square where one can buy discounted tickets for various shows.

On the eve of New Year, armada of people gather here to welcome and witness the first moments of the New Year. There is a ball hinged on the top of the One Times Square building. This ball is swooped down as part of New Year’s celebrations. The practice started in 1907 and has manifested itself as a tradition in Time Square. Prior to 1907, the New Years’ celebrations at Times Square involved fireworks, which was later stopped by the authorities. The New Year’s celebrations of 1999 also made news worldwide when two million people reached Times Square to whoop and clasp.

Times Square building was also an important place for New Yorkians during Second World War. Many huddled here for a one minute silence and due to restrictions imposed on the lowering of the ball, the church bells were pealed instead. In 2008, LED ball was introduced to Times Square and now intersection has become a favourite spot for many to celebrate Halloween and Valentine’s Day every year.

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