Prithviraj Smarak

Prithviraj Smarak

  • Ajmer
  • Rajasthan
  • India

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Prithviraj Smarak, Ajmer Overview

Prithviraj Chauhan was a great emperor in the history of Ajmer. His valor is glorified everywhere as he never gave up and fought till the end before getting martyred. Being the last ruler from the Chauhan lineage, he will always be remembered. To commemorate his bravery and reign in Ajmer, a memorial has been erected. This memorial is visited by the people on a huge scale.


It Is Known For:-
1) Prithviraj Smarak is a well-known memorial in Ajmer. It has the backdrop of the Aravalli Hills
2) The statue of the king is carved out of the black marble. It is depicted as seated on a horse and aiming his weapon at the enemy
3) Visitors often visit this memorial on a daily basis but, the footfall increases on the birth and death anniversary of Prithviraj Chauhan. Many folk musical concerts are also held at this place.


Best Time To Visit:-
There's no special season or day for paying a casual visit at Prithviraj Smarak. This memorial stands in a bustling area and is visited by millions of people on a daily basis. Whether it is summer or winter, day or night, any time is suitable for visiting Prithviraj Smarak and paying homage to a great warrior king.


Reaching There:-
Prithviraj Smarak stands in a lively area. Hundreds of vehicles cross past it and thus, there's no hassle in reaching this place. It can be easily reached via any means of transport.


Nearest Railway Station- Ajmer Junction
Nearest Airport- Sanganer Airport

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