Vijay Mandir Palace

Vijay Mandir Palace

  • Alwar
  • Rajasthan
  • India
Amont Things to Do in Alwar
  • Time Required Around 2 hours
  • Constructed By Maharaja Jai Singh Prabhakar
  • Constructed in 1918

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Vijay Mandir Palace, Alwar Overview

The Palace Attraction There are some interesting places you could visit if you travel a little away from the main township. Perhaps that is the reason why it is often said that Alwar's best attractions are outside the town. Vijay Mandir (1918) is a magnificent palace located 10km from Alwar.

This elaborate 105-roomed palace with a well laid garden and a rippling lake in the foreground was built by Maharaja Jai Singh, supposedly along the lines of a ship. The eccentric Jai Singh had some good ideas after all (see History of Alwar and Moti Doongri for more on the king's deeds). But of course, if Jai Singh had given shape to something nice, his 'normal eccentricities.

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