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Champavati Temple - Chamba India

Champavati Temple is a popular Hindu temple in Chamba. This temple is one of the primeval attractions that are frequently visited by the visitors on a huge scale. It was built by Raja Sahil Varmana in the memory of his beloved daughter. This temple also enshrines Mahishasuramardini, the form of Goddess Durga who is worshiped by the pilgrims. The entire structure of the temple is carved out of stone and embellished with the beautiful carvings on the interior walls.

Why Is It Famous?

There is a legend behind the construction of Champavati Temple. This temple bears the name of Champavati, the daughter of King Sahil Varmana. She has a religious nature and often spent most of her time in the ashram by serving the sages and chanting the holy hymns. When the king suspected her deeds, he silently followed her in disguise. He reached the ashram and the moment he entered, the ashram was empty. Sahil Varmana heard a voice that said of her daughter being taken away due to his worthless suspicion. He was ordered to build a temple dedicated to her to avoid the familial calamities.

The festival of Navaratri is the only festival that is celebrated here with a great pomp.

Best Time To Visit:-

Champavati Temple is a famous tourist site that is thronged by the visitors on a huge scale. This place never fails to attract the visitors on a huge scale. The best time for visiting this temple is between August-November. It is the appropriate time as the weather is apt for visiting the other places near the temple.

No entry fee is charged from visitors.

Watch Out!

If you’re visiting the temple in the Navaratri season, make sure to carry the camera because it is a great fun during this time. Since Navaratri is the only festival that is celebrated here enthusiastically, you will witness the true colors and an uplifted aura of this amazing destination.

Reaching There:-

Chamba can be reached easily from anywhere in Himachal Pradesh via roadways, railways, and airways. Such connectivity makes it convenient for all to commute to and from the city without any hassle. Traveling within Chamba is done via local transit available there.

Nearest Railway Station - Pathankot Railway Station

Nearest Airport - Pathankot Airport

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