Badal Mahal

Badal Mahal

  • Dungarpur
  • Rajasthan
  • India

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Badal Mahal, Dungarpur Overview

Located on the banks of the Gaib Sagar Lake, the Badal Mahal is one of the most astounding palaces to visit in Dungarpur. The palace not only has a rich heritage but is also known for the splendid history that is attached to it. The artistic design of the mahal is what attracts many of the history and architectural buffs to this part. If you see the palace, it has been constructed using solely the Dawra stones. Its construction is believed to have been completed in two separate stages. Literally translated as the cloud palace, Badal Mahal is known for its splendor and its beauty. You can plan your visit around a time when you can get to stay here during the evening and when the lights are lit up, the reflection of the mahal on the Gaib Sagar Lake is something worth watching.




The Badal Mahal was built even before the 15the century. The second stage construction of the Badal Mahal was done during the 17th century or between the years 1609 and 1657. The first floor, dome, and the verandah around the palace were built during this second stage of the construction itself by Maharawal Punjraj. Now, Badal Mahal acts as a leisure home and many of the state guests used to stay here during their visit. It was even used as a camping place for a long time.




It has a true Rajasthani décor that makes the Badal Mahal stand out. There are three domes and a large verandah within its complex. The lights that are lit up during the night a the Badal Mahal make this palace look even more beautiful.


Best Time to Visit


Located in the Dungarpur area of Rajasthan, the best time to visit the Badal Mahal is the whole year except during the hot summer months. You should avoid visiting here during the months of April, May, and June, and plan your visit around the months of November, December, January, and February.


How to Reach


Located in Dungarpur, the Badal Mahal is one of the most easily accessible palaces in the area. Whether you are traveling within Rajasthan or coming from some other part of the country, you can easily reach here by road, rail, or even air. Located on the banks of Gaib Sagar Lake, one can reach the Badal Mahal by bus and taxi and even one’s own commute. The nearest railway station from the Badal Mahal is the Dungarpur Railway Station. It has trains from the Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, and many other major cities. If you are coming by air, you can get down at the Udaipur Airport which is around 132 km away from Badal Mahal.


Nearby Attractions


There are many places near Badal Mahal that you can visit when you are planning a visit there. One of these is the Juna Mahal, a similar palace in Dungarpur. He Gaib Sagar Lake is another popular tourist attraction near the Badal Mahal. The Rajmata Devendra Kunwar Museum is another place to visit here. You can also visit the Udai Bilas Palace or the Baneshwar temple when you are in Dungarpur to ensure that you have made complete worth of your day visit.


Tips For Visiting


Make sure to bring your sunglasses and put on your exploring shoes when you are visiting the Badal Mahal.


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