Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Kolhapur
  • Maharashtra
  • India
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  • Area : 351.16square k/m
  • Chief attraction : Bison
  • Location- 52kms from Panhala
  • Best Time For Visiting : March and May
  • Nearest Railway Station : Kolhapur 55 kms.
  • Nearest Airport: Kolhapur 65kms.
  • Established 1958
  • 116 Packages
  • 355 Travel Agent
  • 16 Hotels
  • 5 Tourist Spots

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Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Kolhapur Overview

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary- Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary is situated in the District of Kolhapur in Maharashtra. The sanctuary is located in the area that exists between the two chief reservoirs i.e. Laxmi sagar and the Shahu sagar. The place is very steep at some places and is very rich in bauxite ore.

Flora the sanctuary is very rich in natural vegetation cover and comprises of various forests like Southern moist mixed deciduous forest, southern semi evergreen forests and southern evergreen forests. Below given are some common species of plants & trees found.

Chief species of trees- Umbar, Bhoma, Ain, Awala, Jambul, Anjani, Hirda, Kumbha, Pisa and Nana.
Chief species of medicinal plants- Karvand, Tamalpati, Dhayati, Narkya, Vagati, Kadipatta, Toran, etc.

Fauna- The chief attraction of the place is the bison, which are present in large numbers. Other species of animals include Leopard, Barking deer, Sloth bear, Mouse deer, Wild boar, Sambar, Wild dogs, Giant squirrels etc.

Avifauna- One can also see various domestic as well as migratory birds around the place. Some of the birds seen here are Kingfishers, Vultures, Jungle fowl, Owls, Bee-eaters, Sand pipers, Doves, Hornbills, Bulbul, Woodpeckers, Wagtails, Flycatchers, sunbirds etc.



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