Sunder Mahal

Sunder Mahal

  • Orchha
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • India

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Sunder Mahal, Orchha Overview

The Sunder Mahal in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh is one of the most magnificent and beautiful palaces in Madhya Pradesh. The relics of the old grandeur and the rich religious sentiments of the people of Orchha are beautifully mirrored within the precincts of the palace. The Mahal is also a testament to the strong love between a Hindu Prince Dhurbhajan and his Muslim lover and the resistance that he experienced. After resorting to deep meditation and religious prayers, Prince Dhurbhajan became a popular Muslim saint and left all the worldly pleasures. Later the Hindu prince married his Muslim lover and the Sunder Mahal is an epitome of true love that overcame the religious boundaries. This Mahal became a religious site among the devotees and is flocked by pilgrims who come to seek blessings from the revered soul of the Prince who became a Muslim saint. Apart from the religious sentiments attached to the palace, the architectural grandeur of this Mahal is also praiseworthy. The backdrop formed by River Betwa offers an even better look to this palace.

It Is Known For:-
1)    Popular among the devotees who flock here to get divine blessings from the revered soul of the Hindu Prince Dhurbhajan.

2)    The symbolic significance that shows that love conquers all boundaries; be it religious or based on social class.

3)    The beautiful architecture of the Mahal which gives it the name ‘sunder’ with the stunning façade and amazing architecture.

Best Time To Visit:-
Situated in The Orchha district in Madhya Pradesh, it is always advisable to visit the Sunder Mahal during the winter months to avoid the scorching heat of summers. Moreover, the time during the Muslim festivals is also auspicious as the palace gets beautifully decorated then.

Reaching There:-
The best way to reach the Sunder Mahal is by personal vehicle or a private taxi or cab. It is seamlessly connected to other cities of Madhya Pradesh by the state bus transport system which has a pretty nice frequency.

Nearest Airport:- Gwalior Airport
Nearest Railway Station:- Jhansi Railway Station

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