Four Gate Ways Of Sanchi

Four Gate Ways Of Sanchi

  • Sanchi
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • India

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Four Gate Ways Of Sanchi, Sanchi Overview

Four Gate Ways of Sanchi are the gates that are known as Toranas which surround the Great Stupa. The gates are named as northern, southern, eastern and western. Every gate has its own meaning and significance.




As we have informed in the aforementioned paragraph, there are four gates and each one of them has its own significance. The Northern Gateway is crowned by a wheel of law and displays all the marvels related to Buddha. On the other hand, the Southern Gateway has statues that depict the birth of Gautama Buddha. The Eastern Gateway, which was erected in 35 BC, is one of the four gateways located in Sanchi, which showcases the different incidents of Gautama Buddha’s life. Tis gate also displays the time when Gautama left his palace for enlightenment. In addition to this, it also displays the dream of Maya, Gautama’s mother before he was born. Moreover, there are four elephants, which offer support to the architraves of the gate. The Western Gateway demonstrates the seven embodiments of Lord Buddha. Once you visit Four Gate Ways Of Sanchi, you would definitely enjoy the incarnations and the projection. The place scores full marks on all counts, be it creativity, architecture, cleanliness and what not.


Best Time to Visit:


Best time to visit Four Gateways of Sanchi is during the months from November to February.


Visitor Information:


For those who are wondering about the entry fees of Four Gate Ways of Sanchi then let us tell you, there is no entry fee. Moreover, it would take you for over 30 minutes for the sightseeing of this place. Moreover, if you plan to purchase anything, it is advised to cross check the prices with the locals and only then go for it.


Traveller Tips:


One of the most suggested travelling tips for everyone is that one should carry their own high quality camera and plenty of water.


How to Reach:


Sanchi is a place that is well-connected by all means of transportation. For those who are travelling by bus, there are deluxe A/C buses that are available from many big cities of India to Sanchi. For those who are traveling via rail, the nearest railway station to Sanchi is also Bhopal, which helps in easily accessibility to Sanchi. Moreover, there are tourist taxi services also available from Bhopal to Sanchi that would charge you for upto INR 1000. Sanchi doesn’t have its own airport, so if you are planning to reach there by air, then Raja Bhoj is the airport in Bhopal that happens to be the nearest one for about 67 kms. In addition to this, the taxi fare is about INR 1,000 from Bhopal airport to Sanchi.


Nearby Attractions:


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