Harsiddhi Temple

Harsiddhi Temple

  • Ujjain
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • India
Amont Things to Do in Ujjain
  • Dedicated to Lord Krishna
  • Built year 11th Century

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Harsiddhi Temple, Ujjain Overview

According To Hindu Mythology According to a legend from the Shiva Purana, an ancient Hindu text in Sanskrit, Lord Shiva was greatly disturbed after the death of his consort, Sati. Overwhelmed with grief, Shiva, the Destroyer of the Universe decided not to part with her body, carrying it with him wherever he went.

Greatly distressed by this action, the rest of the divine community cut her body into pieces, and threw the pieces onto Mrityulok, the land of mortals. Wherever the parts of her body fell (the elbow fell at the site of this ancient temple), it became a shaktipeeth, or a centre of the female manifest form of cosmic energy, thereby making the place sacred.

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