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  • Lawson’s Bay Beach in Visakhapatnam#1
    Lawson’s Bay Beach

    Known as the extension of Ramakrishna Beach, Lawson’s Bay Beach is a beautiful beach in Visakhapatnam. The sandy shoreline of this beach meets the B...


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  • Simhachalam Temple in Visakhapatnam#2
    Simhachalam Temple

    Simhachalam Temple, originally known as Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, is a famous Hindu temple in Visakhapatnam. This shrine stands on Simhachalam ...

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  • Matysadarshini Aquarium in Visakhapatnam#3
    Matysadarshini Aquarium

    Matysadarshini Aquarium is one of the best places to kill boredom in Visakhapatnam. It is an aquarium that was set up in the year 1994 by the continuo...


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  • Rishikonda Beach in Visakhapatnam#4
    Rishikonda Beach

    Rishikonda, or Rushikonda, is a famous beach in the district of Visakhapatnam in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This beach rests on the coastline...


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  • Submarine Museum in Visakhapatnam#5
    Submarine Museum

    Submarine Museum is one of the key attractions located in Visakhapatnam. It is located on Ramakrishna Beach that is another destination for tourists. ...

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  • Borra Caves in Visakhapatnam#6
    Borra Caves

    Borra Caves are a great point of interest in Visakhapatnam. These marvelous caves are found in the hills of Ananthagiri in Araku Valley. Borra Caves a...

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  • Katiki Waterfall in Visakhapatnam#7
    Katiki Waterfall

    Katiki Waterfall is an alluring attraction in the village of Katiki. Having a serene ambiance and surrounded by a beautiful forest, the white waters o...


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  • Araku Valley in Visakhapatnam#8
    Araku Valley

    Introduction (Araku Valley) Araku Valley has several tourist attraction spots. Araku Valley is famous for its immense and incomparable beauty. Araku V...

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  • Ramakrishna Beach in Visakhapatnam#9
    Ramakrishna Beach

    Ramakrishna Beach is one of the most admired beaches of Visakhapatnam. The Ramakrishna Beach offers a picturesque view of the countryside and is bless...

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  • Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Visakhapatnam#10
    Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

    The park covers an area of 625 acres. It is presently one of the largest zoo located in the natural settings of a reserve forest about 4 km. from the ...


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  • Victory At Sea Memorial in Visakhapatnam#11
    Victory At Sea Memorial

    Honoring the army men is one of the greatest things that are followed in our country. Victory At Sea Memorial is a place that has honored the brave ac...


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  • Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary in Visakhapatnam#12
    Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

    Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is a prominent wildlife sanctuary in Visakhapatnam. This sanctuary spreads over 70 sq. kilometers and is a dry evergre...


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  • Yarada Beach in Visakhapatnam#13
    Yarada Beach

    Yarada Beach is a famous tourist spot in Visakhapatnam. It lies adjacent to Gangavaram Beach. Blessed with serenity in the ambiance, this beach is a f...


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  • Kailasagiri in Visakhapatnam#14

    Bestowed with a serene ambiance, Kailasagiri is a must-visit destination in the city of Visakhapatnam. The name 'Kailasagiri' translates to the sacred...

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  • Gangavaram Beach in Visakhapatnam#15
    Gangavaram Beach

    Gangavaram Beach is a beautiful beach in Visakhapatnam. Its sandy shorelines, cliffs, beach shacks, and a serene ambiance make it a perfect getaway to...


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  • Bheemunipatnam Beach in Visakhapatnam#16
    Bheemunipatnam Beach

    Bheemunipatnam Beach is a neighborhood of Visakhapatnam in state of Andhra Pradesh. This is the largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Bheemunip...


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Things To Do In Visakhapatnam

The unperturbed beauty of beaches in Vishakhapatnam is worth exploring. The most frequently flogged beaches are Ramakrishna Beach, Rishikonda, Yarada Beach, Gangavaram to name a few. The beaches have scenic panoramic views; however, the strong sea currents make most of them unfit for swimming.

Other than the sea shores, tourists can visit Kambalakonda Sanctuary which offers a get away from the buzz of city life and Kailasagiri hill that has a ropeway which gives an exotic view of the sea. There is also a large statue of Shiva and Parvathi here. The other attractions are the Naval and Submarine Museums, Borra Caves, Simhachalam temple etc.

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