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Top 8 Resorts in Mysore

Fri, 15 Sep 2017

Moving out for a fun-filled holiday and staying in a luxurious resort, aah, the .thought itself soothes the soul. It's quite true that the snugness attained by lodging in a luxurious resort is simply unrivalled. An exotic massage, mellowing food, impeccable suites, soothing spa, and serenity in the air are enough to make you oblivion to the relentless woes of the life. Tourists from different parts of the world visit the city of Mysore in Karnataka and prefer to stay in a striking resort.This city is set at the base of the heavenly Chamundi hills. It is extolled for its magnificent palaces, royal heritage, intricately carved temples, zealous Dussehra celebrations, and impressive painting Read more

Silent Shores Resort is one of the famous resort in mysore

The Different Ways To Celebrate The Indian New Year

Thu, 14 Sep 2017

Hey there, hi. You must be aware of India's colossal diversity. Let's discuss it a little more. Our rich culture and traditions, music & dance forms, cuisines, attires, languages, and much more that can surely take years to describe. That's the rich diversity our great nation holds, the different colored threads of the different religions that are tied to nail of the same national anthem.Just like the whole world, India also welcomes the New Year with a great zest. The people here party hard and enjoy the day to its fullest. However, the style of welcoming the Indian New Year is entirely different from the world. Though a major populace follows the Western style of welcoming the New Year Read more

Gudi Padwa-8th April-New Year Day in Maharashtra and Konkan

Exquisite 6 Tourist Attractions In Jodhpur

Wed, 13 Sep 2017

"And the walls of the astounding grandeurs also narrated the events that were buried in them."Jodhpur, aka 'The Blue City' and 'The Sun City', is a major city of Rajasthan. Boasting the sobriquet 'royal throne of authority', this city is a place that is dotted with the bewitching marvels that catch the sight.A sizable number of such marvels include the different sculptures that were constructed in the bygone eras. Though most of the architectural splendors are in a ruined state, yet they have that charm to lure visitors on a large scale. Jodhpur is among India's those cities where footfall has never decreased.You might be pondering over that what is so exciti Read more

Flying Fox is an enthralling activity that can be experienced in Jodhpur

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