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In The World’s Largest Democratic Country - India, Nature, Tradition And History Provide The Most Ideal Setting For Any Meeting Of Minds. India Can Match Any Country In Fulfilling The Demands Of International Standard Incentives. The Country Consists Of Hotels That Not Only Rank Among The Best In The World But Also Provide Excellent Personalised Services. As Far As The Themes And Entertainment Is Concerned, India Is Unique Where Else One Would Be Welcomed By A Breathtaking Stunning Royal Procession With Rich Caparisoned Elephants, Camels And Lancers On Horseback Lining The Way. Also One Would Stay In Extravagant Palaces That Revive The Gracious Lifestyles Of The Maharajas, Discretely Blending Modern Amenities Or Enable You To Experience The Majesty, Pomp And Pageantry Of A Royal Life Style As You Enjoy The Royal Sport Of Polo, Or Have One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World As A Backdrop To A Mughal Theme Evening. Lift The Veil - Enter Into The Majesty And Opulence Of Maharajas Whose Dynasties Ruled Here For Centuries. Festivities, Entertainment And Banquets Punctuate A Delightful Tour Where. Come Let The People Of India Open Their Hearts To Welcome You.Any Airfare / Trainfare Any Meals Other Than Mentioned Above Any Expenses Of Personal Nature Any Services Mentioned Other Than Above.

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Day wise Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Arrive Bodhgaya

    On At Bodhgaya Airport, You Will Be Transferred To Hotel For 02 Nights Stay.Bodh Gaya Is A Religious Site And Place Of Pilgrimage Associated With The Mahabodhi Temple Complex In Gaya District In The Indian State Of Bihar. It Is Famous For Being The Place Where Gautama Buddha Is Said To Have Obtained Enlightenment (Bodhimandala). For Buddhists, Bodh Gaya Is The Most Important Of The Main Four Pilgrimage Sites Related To The Life Of Gautama Buddha, The Other Three Being Kushinagar, Lumbini, And Sarnath. In 2002, Mahabodhi Temple, Located In Bodh Gaya, Became A Unesco World Heritage Site.
    Much Of The History Of Bodhgaya Is Known From Its Inscriptions, Graffiti And To A Lesser Extent Literary Accounts Of The Many Pilgrims Who Visited Throughout The Centuries. During The Long Reign Of The Pala Kings Of Bengal, The Mahabodhi Temple Received Lavish Patronage, And Most Of The Images And Stupas That Can Still Be Seen In And Around The Temple Date From This Period. Several Inscriptions Mention Pala Kings As Having Made Gifts And Endowments As Did Kings From Other Parts Of India. The Beginning Of The Thirteenth Century Saw Much Of India In Chaos Due To The Invasion By The Turkish Empire. Invading Muslim Armies Destroyed Temples And Defaced Statues. There Is No Record Of Exactly How And When Bodhgaya Was Destroyed, But There Are Records That In The Onslaught The Turks Put To Death Innumerable Monks And Destroyed Images And Shrines.
    Rest Of The Day At Leisure. Overnight Stay At Hotel

  • Day 2 : Bodhgaya

    After Breakfast Full-Day Sightseeing Of Monastery & Temples. Overnight Stay At The Hotel.
    Kittisirimegha Of Sri Lanka, A Contemporary Of S Amudragupta, Erected With The Permission Of Samudragupta, A Sangharama Near The Mahabodhi-Vihara, Chiefly For The Use Of The Singhalese Monks Who Went To Worship The Bodhi Tree. The Circumstances In Connection With The Sangharama Are Given By Xuanzang (Beal, Op. Cit., 133Ff) Who Gives A Description Of It As Seen By Himself. It Was Probably Here That Buddhaghosa Met The Elder Revata Who Persuaded Him To Come To Ceylon. Several Buddhist Temples And Monasteries Have Been Built By The People Of Bhutan, China, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet And Vietnam In A Wide Area Around The Mahabodhi Temple. These Buildings Reflect The Architectural Style, Exterior And Interior Decoration Of Their Respective Countries. The Statue Of Buddha In The Chinese Temple Is 200 Years Old And Was Brought From China. Japan'S Nippon Temple Is Shaped Like A Pagoda. The Myanmar (Burmese) Temple Is Also Pagoda Shaped And Is Reminiscent Of Bagan. The Thai Temple Has A Typical Sloping, Curved Roof Covered With Golden Tiles. Inside, The Temple Holds A Massive Bronze Statue Of Buddha. Next To The Thai Temple Is 25 Meter Statue Of Buddha [4] Located Within A Garden Which Has Existed There For Over 100 Years. Overnight Stay At Hotel.

  • Day 3 : Bodhgaya - Nalanda - Rajgir - Patna

    Today After An Early Breakfast, Check-Out And Drive To Patna, En Route Visit Nalanda & Rajgir Nalanda Is Believed To Be The Oldest University In The World. Founded In The 5Th Century Bc, It Became A Renowned Centre Of Buddhist And Jain Learning. Hiuen Tsang, The Chinese Traveller, Spent Several Years Here In The 7Th Century Ad. Nalanda Archaeological Museum Has A Magnificent Collection Of Pali And Mauryan Statues, Bronze And Manuscripts. Nalanda Mahavihara An Institute For The Study Of Pali Literature Houses Rare Buddhist Manuscripts. Though Buddha Visited Nalanda Several Times During His Lifetime, This Famous Centre Of Buddhist Learning Shot To Fame Much Later, During 5Th - 12Th Centuries. Post Lunch Proceed For Rajgir The Ancient Capital Of Magadha Kings. The Buddha Often Visited Rajagriha To Retreat At The Jivkamaravana Monastery, Preaching And Meditating On The Gridhakuta Hill. The Disciples Of The Buddha Built Many Structures Here. Rajgir Is Also Sacred To Jains As Lord Mahavira Studied And Meditated Here. The First Buddhist Council Was Held Here After The Buddha'S Nirvana. After Visit Continue To Drive To Patna On Arrival Check-In To The Hotel For Overnight Stay At Hotel In Patna.

  • Day 4 : Patna - Vaishali - Khusinagar

    Today After An Early Breakfast, Check-Out And Drive To Kushinagar, En-Route Visit Vaishali 63 Kms From Patna, Vaishali The Place Where Buddha Preached His Last Sermon. Vaishali Is Credited With Being The World'S First Republic To Have A Duly Elected Assembly Of Representatives And Efficient Administration. Lord Buddha Visited Vaishali More Than Once During His Lifetime And Announced His Approaching "Mahaparinirvana" To The Great Followers He Had Here. After Visit Continue To Drive To Kushinagar. On Arrival In Transfer To The Hotel.

    Kushinagar Is Another Principal Centre Of Buddhism, Worth A Sincere Admiration, Is The Place Where Lord Buddha Passed Away At This Place Near The Hiranyavati River And Was Cremated At The Ramabhar Stupa. It Was Once A Celebrated Center Of The Malla Kingdom. Many Of Its Stupas And Viharas Date Back To 230 Bc-Ad 413. When Its Prosperity Was At The Peak. In 543 Bc, On A Full Moon Night Of Magh The Legend Delivered Lecture To His Sangha And Declared That He Is Going To Leave The Mortal World Soon Enough.The Excavations Led By General Cunningham Has Revealed Some Antique Artifacts And Structures Related To All Sects Of Buddhism. Kushinagar Also Expresses The Common Thread Of All Sects Of Buddhism Through Its Magnificent Viharas, Chaityas, Temples And Tibetan Monasteries. In Ancient Times, The Town Was Also Known As Kushinara And Kasia.

    Overnight Stay At Hotel In Kushinagar.

  • Day 5 : Kushinagar - Kapilavastu - Lumbini

    Today Morning After Breakfast Check-Out From Hotel & Take Half-Day Sightseeing Tour Of Kushinagar, Visiting The Nirvana Stupa, Nirvana Temple: Housing A 6 Meters Long Statue Of Reclining Buddha, Mathakuar Shrine, Parinirvana Stupa, Japanese Temple, A Beautiful Ashta Dhatu (Eight Metlas) Statue Of Lord Buddha From Japan, Kushinagar Museum, Japanese Garden, Buddha Vihar, The Myanmar Buddha Vihar: First Monastery In Kushinagar, Mahaparinirvana Temple. Samridhi Chaitya: Stupa With 5000 Brass Statues Of Lord Buddha, Wat Thai Temple, Chinese Temple, The Lin Sun Chinese Temple, Meditation Park & The Birla Temple. Later Afternoon Drive To Lumbini: The Birthplace Of Lord Buddha. Situated At The Foothills Of The Himalayas In Nepal, Holy Site Is Being Developed With International Support As The Supreme Buddhist Pilgrimage And A Symbol Of World Peace. The Shrines And Monasteries That Many Countries Have Built Or Are Still Building Reflect The Architectural Traditions Of Those Countries, And Thus Giving Lumbini An International Feel With A Message Of Universal Love And Brotherhood. Enroute Visit Kapilavastu. Kapilvastu Or Piprahwa Has An Important Place In The Life Of Buddha. It Was In Kapilvastu Where Buddha Decided To Leave Worldly Pleasures And Decided To Look At Life In A New Perspective. There Is A Host Of Evidence To Prove Today That Piprahwa Is The Kapilvastu Of Buddha'S Times. The Geographical Conditions Of Kapilvastu As Described In Buddhist Epics Are Similar To Those In Piprahwa. The 'Asthi-Patra' Found In 1897-98 A.D. Clearly Matches The Engravings In Piprahwa. The 1971 Excavation In Piprahwa Revealed Clinching Evidence In Terms Of Relics Of The Buddha Period.

    Overnight Stay At Hotel In Lumbini.

  • Day 6 : Lumbini - Sravasti

    After Early Breakfast You Will Be Driven To Sravasti. Afternoon Take A Sightseeing Tour Of Sravasti: Once The Capital Of The Ancient Kingdom Of Kosala, Has The Honour For Sheltering Buddha For 24 Rainy Seasons In The Jetvana Gardens, Also See The 'Sobhanath' Temple Believed To Be The Birthplace Of Jain Tirthankar 'Sambhavanath' Making Sravasti An Important Center For The Jainas. The Place Is Also Known As Savathi. The Area Is Associated With Buddha For Many Reasons And It One Of The Main Places Of Interest For Many Buddhists In The Region. One Can See Many Old Buildings And Structures That Are Present Here. Jetavana Monastery Is An Ancient Monastery That Was Located Near Sravasti. The Remains Of Lord Buddha’s Hut Can Be Seen At The Monastery And It Is Covered With Flowers By Devotees. There Is A Bodhi Tree That Is Located In The Monastery As Well.

    The Old Walls Of The City Of Sravasti Are Still Present And This Is A Testimony To The Architectural Brilliance Of The Builders Of That Period. Three Main Buildings Still Stand Inside The City Walls And These Are The Places To Visit In Sravasti. The Jain Temple, Ananthapindika Stupa And The Agulimala Stupa Are The Main Attractions Of The Area. One Can Find Many Buddhist Monks In This Place And Many Of Them Can Be Seen Meditating Under The Ananthabodhi Tree. Many Monasteries From Different Countries Have Been Built In This Place And These Include Thailand, South Korea, China And Tibet. Overnight Stay At Hotel.

  • Day 7 : Sravasti - Varanasi

    After Breakfast You Will Be Transferred To Delhi Airport To Take Flight For Varanasi. On Arrival At Varanasi Airport, You Will Be Transferred To Hotel For 02 Nights Stay In This Ancient City. Varanasi - Benares - Kaasi Is Considered To Be The Holiest Of All Pilgrimage Sites In India. It Is Considered Home To Shiva - Visweswara. Benares Is Also Known As Kaasi Because It Is Beleived That Supreme Brilliance Shines There, And Lights The Way To Salvation (Kas - To Shine). Varanasi Is Located Between Two Rivers Varanasi And Asi, And Hence The Name Varanasi. Hyuen Tsang, The Chinese Traveller Visited Varanasi In The 7Th Century. His Travel Accounts Speak Of The Grandeur Of The City And Of Its Temples. This Writer Describes A Hundred Feet High Statue Of Shiva Maheshwara Made Of Brass That Adorned The City. In The Afternoon, Visit The Sarnath Temple: The Great Buddha Enhanced The Sanctity Of Varanasi By Choosing The Environs Of The City To Preach His First Sermon At Sarnath, (Only 10 Kms Away) After Attaining Enlightenment. Later, Ashoka, The Great Mauryan Emperor Erected Magnificent Stupas And Other Buildings Along With His Mighty Stone Pillar, Dharmarajika Stupa. The 110 Ft. Tall Damekh Stupa Marks The Place Where Buddha Preached First Sermon. Sarnath Has Been A Premier Centre For Buddhism. It Is A Rich Collection Of Ancient Buddhist Relics And Antiques Comprising Numerous Buddha And Bodhisatva Images On Display At The Archaeological Museum (1000 Hrs To 1700 Hrs. Open All Days Except Friday).

    Overnight Stay At Hotel.

  • Day 8 : Varanasi

    Life In The City Of Varanasi Revolves Around It’s Over One Hundred Ghats (River Landin Gs). The River Ganga Flows From North To South, And The City Forms A Circular Shape From The Asi Ghat In The South Up To The Confluence Of The Varuna River With The Ganga. Thousands Of Pilgrims Come To Bathe And Worship In The River At The First Light Of Dawn. Boat Rides Down The River In The Morning Are A Very Popular Excursion. Experience The Boat Ride At Sunrise. Return To The Hotel For Breakfast And Later Set Out For A Sightseeing Trip Around The City.

    First Visit The Vishwanath Temple, One Of India’s Most Important Shaivite Shrines. The Original Temple Is Said To Have Been Over 1000 Years Old. The Gyan Vapi Tank Enclosed In A Hall Is Said To Contain The Original Shivalingam. Pilgrims Offer Prayers Here Before Embarking On The Panchatirtha. Later Visit The The Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum Inside The Benares Hindu University Campus Is Open From Monday Till Saturday. It Has A Valuable Collection Of Miniature Paintings, Sculptures And Bronzes. A Special Gallery Has A 19Th Century Map Of The Raj Ghat Excavations And Old Etchings Of The City. Besides Hindu, Islamic And Buddhist Artefacts, The Works Of Contemporary Artists Like Jamini Roy, Nicholas Roerich And Alice Boner Are Displayed Here.

    After Lunch, Visit The Ramnagar, The Fort Palace Of The Kashi Naresh (King Of Kashi) Is On The Eastern Bank Of The Ganga, South Of Asi Ghat. The Palace Has A Museum With Memorabilia Such As Horse-Drawn Carriages, Motorcars, Silver Howdahs (Elephant Seats), Palanquins, Silk And Brocade Costumes, And Various Artifacts And Trophies. Late Evening Will Be Free For Own Activities Such As Shopping Or Walking Around The Busy Streets Of The City. Overnight Stay At Hotel.

  • Day 9 : Varanasi Depart

    After Breakfast You Will Be Transferred Back To Varanasi Airport For Onward Journey.

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  • Bodhgaya, Bihar, India, Asia

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