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Safari Tours

A safari tour is basically an overland journey and it generally refers to a tour of Africa by tourists. Traditionally, this tour was about a big game hunt but in the present times it also involves watching and clicking the big game and rest of the wildlife animals. The word "safari" holds a certain style or theme with itself that comprises of belted bush jackets, khaki clothing, slouch hats or pith helmets and animal skin for e.g. leopard's skin. Earlier safari tour was popularly used to denote touring and hunting expeditions in the east of Africa but now it is generally used for any adventurous or long expedition or journey like camel safari, desert safari, jeep safari, elephant safari, wildlife safari, jungle safari etc. Types of Safari Tours

  • Camel Safari
  • Camel safari basically includes the exploration of deserts sitting on the back of a camel. Camel safaris are popular in the whole world and people specially opt for the "ship of the desert" in their desert tours.
  • Desert Safari
  • Desert Safari is an expedition of deserts in which one can experience the sand dunes and sand beds of a desert. It includes a ride in a four wheel vehicle which speeds through the desert above the sand dunes. The feeling of going down and up the sand dunes is full of thrill and excitement.
  • Jeep Safari
  • Jeep Safari basically involves exploring the hidden and remote areas of forests where one cannot go in any other way. Jeep safaris are also available for visiting wildlife sanctuaries, deserts etc. Jeep safaris are also quite safe since in a jeep one is protected of all the wildlife animals and though a jeep safari one can also discover the insides and topography of a forest.
  • Jungle Safari
  • Jungle Safari can be described as a trail of forest, the only difference being that instead hiking, trekking or walking we can explore the forest regions through an elephant or a jeep or a horse. Jungle safari not just involves exploration of a particular region of jungle but it also involves protective reserves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries as well. This safari also includes nature walks and wild camping.
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Wildlife safari includes an expedition which involves experiencing flora, fauna, deserts, valleys, slopes etc.
  • Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari includes experiencing one of the best adventures while riding on an elephant's back.

Elephant Safari
If you want to experience safari in a different way, then you should definitely opt for elephant safari. Elephant safari is a royal experience where one relishes the sight of wildlife from close quarters while riding an elephant´┐Żs back. An elephant safari is safe, one can view wildlife in a better way and can enjoy to the fullest without any fear.

Horse Safari
If you are an adventure lover and love indulging into galloping thrills, then horse safari is the option for you! A horse safari will take you to uneven and rugged regions where a plane or a motor cannot be taken. To explore the remote or untouched places, horses form the safest rides on which one can have adventure as well as pleasure.

Jeep Safari
Want to explore rugged landscapes, mountain valleys and passes where there is no certainty of climatic conditions? Well, this is not something impossible since you can do so in a jeep safari. A jeep safari will take you through such areas where it is otherwise impossible to go, letting you explore and relish your journey. For further information browse through Tour Travel World and get more information.

Camel Safari
An experience of a camel safari through the deserts is the one, which you cannot forget throughout your life. A camel safari is a bumpy ride which lets you explore the sandy landscapes of the desert while you relish your ride. This safari is the one which cannot be missed at any cost since its memories will last your lifetime. For further queries regarding it, you can browse through Tour Travel World can clear all of them.

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