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Shivaganga, Deoghar Overview

Shivaganga is a sacred site in Deoghar. It is a vast pond considered religious by the followers of Hinduism, especially the Shaivas. This pond is located near Baidyanath Temple and exists since ages. Taking a dip in the pious waters of Shivganga is regarded equivalent to bathing in the holy Ganges.


Why Is It Famous?
Shivganga, according to the ancient scriptures, was created by a heavy fist blow by Ravana, the demon scholar. When he was carrying the Shivalinga to Lanka, he felt the urge to urinate. He saw a Brahmin child and gave him the Shivalinga. The child was none other than Lord Ganesha. Since the Shivalinga was too heavy, the child kept it there and it was fixed. Ravana didn't found a source of water to wash his hands so he punched the earth vigorously that a shower squirted from the ground. This created Shivaganga. Presently, devotees carry the water from this pond to do jalabhisheka of Lord Shiva.


Best Time To Visit:-
Pilgrims visit Shivaganga every day. One can spot many devotees at the site. In the early hours of the morning and evening, the puja of the pond is done by the priests. Being a part of the puja is divine. Maha-Shivaratri is observed here by all.


Nearest Railway Station - Deoghar Junction
Nearest Airport - Simra Deoghar International Airport 

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