Tapovan Caves and Hills

Tapovan Caves and Hills

  • Deoghar
  • Jharkhand
  • India

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Tapovan Caves and Hills, Deoghar Overview

Blessed with the divinity in the surroundings by Lord Shiva, Tapovan Caves and Hills are places that a person cannot afford to miss while traveling around Deoghar. The caves of Tapovan were the sacred space for the saints to perform penance. This gave it the name of Tapovan. Many renowned saints and ascetics like Maharishi Valmiki and Sri Balananda Brahmachari did penance in the caves of Tapovan. Even Ravana, the demon scholar chose this place for penance.


Why Is It Famous?
1) Tapovan Caves and Hills are a sacred site for many people because it used to be a place for penance for saints.
2) Taponath Temple, a shrine of Lord Shiva, is located atop a hill. It is widely visited by locals and pilgrims.
3) The cave where Sri Balananda Brahmachari performed penance is visited by pilgrims. The skulls of the tigers that guarded him are also preserved inside the cave.
4) A temple of Lord Hanuman is also situated down the hill. According to folklore, in order to prevent Ravana from succeeding in attaining enlightenment, Lord Hanuman interrupted his penance by cracking boulder using his tail.


Best Time To Visit:-
A person can visit Tapovan Caves and Hills during any time of the year excluding summers and monsoons. During summers, the caves are heated up and might suffocate. Similarly, the local authorities restrict people from approaching the hills to avoid accidents. October-April is the best season for visiting this place.


Nearest Railway Station - Deoghar Junction
Nearest Airport - Simra Deoghar International Airport

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