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Pathanapuram, Kollam Overview

If you are a nature lover and pondering about the most natural places, then you should surely go to Pathanapuram -Kollam. Pathanapuram is a small town in Kollam, which is a fascinating primary place in the Western Ghat. Mainly rubber and spices are planted and harvested at this place.


The total area of Panthanapuram is about 248.32 sq km. It is not very far from Punalar. This place attracts throngs of foreign and locals all around the year. If you have an interest in trade and cultivation, then you must visit this place. Beside the banks of Kalada River, Punalar is the easiest way to reach Pathanapuram.

The locals here indulge themselves in cultivation, dairy farming, bamboo weaving, livestock activities, etc. The most famous festival in this place is Chandanakkudam Mohotsava, which occurs from February to March. Many tourists come here to see the festival and enjoy it to the fullest. The site has its significance; this festival attracts lots of devotees who believe in this festival and worship this place.


When should you visit Pathanapuram :


The best time to visit Pathanapuram is from January to June. During this time the famous festivals occur. These festivals give a taste of the culture and lives of the people who stay in that place. During this time of the year, the area reflects its beauty. Since Pathanapuram is on the outskirts of Kollam, the roadways are fantastic. The whole place is filled with trees, and during this part of the year, the trees will impart its energy, thus sparkling and giving a fresh look.


How to reach Pathanapuram:


There are many ways to reach Pathananpuram. The ideas are as follows:


• By Air:


From any major city with an airport service available, you need to take a flight that goes straight to Thiruvananthapuram international airport. From there, Pathanapuram is just 64 km away. You can hire a cab or take a bus to reach your destination.


• By Railways:


You need to take a train which will take YOU TO Thiruvananthapuram railway station. From the city of Thiruvananthapuram, you can take a car or bus and comfortably go to Pathanapuram.


• By Road:


The easiest way to reach Pathanapuram is to take a bus from the major cities of Kerala and go to Auvaneeswaram, which is located about 6km from the Pathanapuram. You can quickly reach your destination without any haste.


There are many other attractive places where you can go from Pathanapuram. Some of them are as follows:


• Palaruvi Waterfall: This waterfall is a major attraction for tourists. The altitude of the hill is 300 feet. The ideal time to go there is from June to January.

• Punalur: The place lies in the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerela. The river Kallad flows from the heart of the city, and here is the infamous suspension bridge hanging, and the bridge stretches over 400 meters across. The scene from the bridge is breath-taking.

• Karunagappally: The place is a complete paradise; the area is the most beautiful place in Kerala. Here you can get the boat facility. The area is combined with peace, and it will help you connect with Nature.

• Ashmudi Lake: It is also the most visited tourist spot in India. It is the only backwater and lagoon in Kerala. It has a unique wetland ecosystem with many inlets. It is dotted with some of the best resorts and hotels for an ultimate retreat.

• Mayyanad: This place has a famous shrine for many Hindus and Muslims. The major attraction of this place is Lord Subramaniam Temple. Many devotees come here to visit the temple and worship the almighty.


Pathananpuram is well-known for its preservation of Nature. The place is very calm and relaxed. People who are tired of their work and life can come here for peace. Nature is in its full form to soothe you and give you a new life and moto so that so can take up the challenges and face them with a smile.


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