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Arikamedu, Pondicherry Overview

Arikamedu is an archaeological site in Pondicherry where Mortimer Wheeler conducted its acclaimed excavation in the 1940s. Primarily from Mortimer's vision Arikamedu was formerly a major Indian fishing village and a famous port dedicated to bead making and trading with Roman traders. Several Roman artifacts such as a large number of amphorae bearing the mark of Roman potter schools VIBII, CAMURI and IITA have been located at the site. All these supported the view on an ancient flourishing trade Rome and South India. The Roman treasure track and Arikamedu river cruise take the tourist down the history lane. It is a wonderful experience which a tourist would love to explore. Arikamedu is nestled in the bank of Ariyankuppam River which is 8 Kms south of Pondicherry on the way to Cuddalore. It is located on the Cuddalore main road; all buses going to Cuddalore will take you to the bus-stop near the river.

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