Gajner Lake

Gajner Lake

  • Bikaner
  • Rajasthan
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Gajner Lake, Bikaner Overview

One of the best places that you need to ensure that you are visiting when you are in Bikaner is the Gajner Lake, Bikaner and you are going to want to know everything about this attraction. You not only want to know how to reach it but also when the ideal time to visit the spot would be. Here is everything that one is going to know so that you can plan a trip here effectively, so keep reading to know more.


Things to Do:


There is so much that you can do when you are visiting Gajner Lake, Bikaner that you need to think about what activities you are interested in. There is plenty that one can enjoy here and you don’t have to be staying at the luxurious hotels to enjoy it while you are in the area. Some of the main activities that you can enjoy while you are here include:

• Boat rides

• Nature walks

• Jeep and camel safaris

Ensure that you are thinking about this while you are considering what you are going to do while you are here, especially if you are thinking of taking a few days to enjoy the area. You can also book a room in the luxury hotel that is the home of this stunning attraction if you want to make the most of it.




You can come and visit this location at any time of the day or year, but the best time to come is when the sun is up. If you visit during this time, then you can enjoy the activities that are part of the pull of this area. If you are looking for a place to come where you can enjoy sitting by the water with a good book and some water, then this is the place to head. Ensure that you are coming here to relax and that you are prepared with food and other items unless you are staying at the hotel or want to dine in their restaurant.




The hotel that surrounds this area used to be the home for Sir Ganga Singhji and back in 1976 it was converted into a hotel. Before that, it was the summer home where numerous famous British individuals were hosted here where they all enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Gajner Lake, Bikaner is a place that is full of history and over the years even the Prince of Wales had come here to experience all it had to offer.


Best Time to Visit:


Since this is a body of water you are going to want to come here during the summer months, which is from the middle of March until the middle of June. This time would be ideal to enjoy the boat rides and the other activities that you might not be able to participate in during the monsoons where the rain would make it impossible. You should avoid this area during the winter because it is going to be extremely cold and, again, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the boat rides as much as you would other times of the year.


How to Reach?


You can reach Bikaner from Jodhpur Airport by any other airport and then you can hop a bus to the city. Once you reach the main city it is extremely easy to reach Gajner Lake, Bikaner since it is only 30 kilometers from Bikaner's main city and you can easily book a taxi or an auto to drop you off here. There are also some buses that would help you to reach here, so make sure that you are planning how you are going to arrive and when you would want to leave and so much more.


Interesting Facts and Trivia About:


During the 20th century and the starting decades, this location was the summer home for Sir Ganga Singhji, who was one of the famous Maharajas from Bikaner. There were many special guests that were hosted here during this time, such as military commanders, political agents and even British viceroys and during 1905 the Prince of Wales was hosted here.


Nearby Attractions:


There is a lot that you can book to extend your trip while you are in this area, such as the Jeep and the camel safaris. These would be able to take you into the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary that is nearby and you can even head over the theGajner Palace if you want to take in some history. If you are going to be making a trip this way you should make sure that you are not only visiting these attractions, but also the lake.


FAQs and Information

Access to the Gajner Lake, Bikaner isn’t going to have a fee, but you should make sure that you are aware it is on the grounds of a hotel. You are going to want to plan in advance when you are thinking of coming here since you would need to get a car that would bring you here. This is going to be a fun place to come as a family and it would work well as a place for a picnic lunch if you want to escape the city.


For those who are looking for somewhere they can enjoy themselves and enjoy some activities on the water, the Gajner Lake, Bikaner is going to be ideal. It is a location that you can not only enjoy relaxing on the shores of the water, but you can also go for a boat ride or play in the water. Make sure that you are booking your trip here and that you are considering what else you can do nearby that would make the trip more memorable.

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