National Research Centre On Camel

National Research Centre On Camel

  • Bikaner
  • Rajasthan
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National Research Centre On Camel, Bikaner Overview

Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer make the historic triangle of deserts to travel circuit of the state. They are also remarkable cities not only in Rajasthan but in India as well. Jaisalmer, situated in the very heart of Thar Desert of Bikaner, is located on the edge. With the help of a well-organized tour to this city Bikaner, the tourists can have brilliant opportunity to relish exciting camel safari trip and treasure the charm of mind-boggling waves of rippling Sand dunes. To know more about this wonderful animal, known to be the pride of Rajasthan, National Research Centre on Camel is there.


All about national research centre on Camel in Bikaner


This is one of the prominent places in India to learn about life and other facts about camels. It depicts the research and developmental aspects of camels. It was established by the Central Government in 1984. Since then it has been functioning as a breeding farm, museum and tourist spots in Bikaner. Tourists here can enjoy different varieties of cuisine as well made of camel milk. This is a wonderful place to enjoy along with exploration about the animals in Rajasthan.


Travellers tips to visit National research centre on a camel


You can visit the research centre between 2 PM to 6 PM for a maximum duration of 2 hours. However, the best time to visit the national research centre in Bikaner is around 3 PM when the herd of around 400 camels kept in the centre return from their daily desert visit. The watching experience of this wonderful animal in a huge herd back in the group is magnificent and exotic.

Weekends see a huge rush of tourists here. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of this place and take your own time then you must plan your visit during weekdays. You can relish watching these creatures without any rush.


There is a camel milk parlour from where you can have various items and milk as well.


Time to visit Bikaner


You can visit this place all across the year. But the point to consider before visiting is the summers are too hot and winters are extremely cold. So you must avoid going on a trip of camel ride in September and March to avoid the blister of the desert summers. You must visit the national research centre on a camel in Bikaner from December to February. The reason is the pleasant weather around the place.



Precautions to take


Wear comfortable clothing as this place is too hot in the afternoon.

Don’t forget your hats, sunglasses, cloth to cover face and sunscreen to protect yourself from the direct desert sun.


Things to do in Bikaner National research centre

• Enjoy camel safari or camel ride in the area

• Purchase amazing handicrafts made of Camel skin.

• Items like caps, bags, purses, are available to buy on a good price.

• Enjoy visiting museum at the entrance of the research centre to explore more about the history of the place and the camels.

• People here at this place are amicable enough to be contacted anytime.


Are guides available or not?


The guides to this place are easily available on a specific rate. However, the approved guides’ rates vary from Indians to foreigners. It also varies on the number of people wants to visit.


How to reach national research centre in Bikaner?


This place is very well connected to the road. So you can easily get the bus, auto-rickshaw and car to this place. But it is advised to take a round trip to and from the national research centre back to the city centre. It usually gets difficult to get a ride back to the city as it is situated on Jaipur- Jodhpur bypass. The rates are standard as per the state laws.


Interesting facts about National research centre on a camel

• This research centre houses a count of around 400 camels in four different species.

• The British army took camels from Bikaner to World War I.

• This research centre is currently researching reproduction, genetics, physiology, health and nutrition of camel.

• The national research centre directly effects and help farmers in the state to adopt better agricultural practices.


Nearby attractions

1. Junagarh Fort

2. Prachina museum

3. Gajner lake

4. Gajner palace

5. Karni Mata temple

6. Sand Dunes safari

7. Jain temple bhandasar

8. Ganga golden jubilee museum

9. Shri Laxmi Nath temple

10. Kote Gate

11. Lalgarh Palace

12. Ratan Bihari


Importance of camel safaris in Bikaner


Camel safaris are a good source of income in the place done by locals. This makes you ride on camels and while riding the camel you can enjoy a good view out the fences and walls due to the height of the camel. Riding and wandering about the narrow lanes on a camel can make you know the people's domestic routines and their everyday lives. This could be the most delightfully intimate way.


While riding camel safari, tourists can also enjoy

• Visiting the local rustic villages with adorned huts,

• Spending nights below the twinkling stars,

• Visiting magnificent palaces,

• Deserted forts and ancient temples

For tourists, all these rides and visit to different places seems to be a beautiful dream.


Why visit Havelis in Bikaner?


The Havelis (palaces) of Bikaner are also an attractive place. The complex and elusive ornamental work in the Havelis of Bikaner glows like gold. The architecture in the different fields like in the fort, in the Havelis, the houses themselves are exclusive and stunningly done.


Top reasons to make a tour To Bikaner

1. Foremost is the National Research Centre on Camel.

2. Second is the charm and appeal of the palaces all around.

3. The melting point of history to know

4. Heart-warming culture and tradition to relish

5. Amazing ancient architecture showcasing the mastery and skills of the medieval era

Well, all this is enough to make a trip to Bikaner, Rajasthan. You can book a tour package to Rajasthan to enjoy all the attractions in one go

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