Sadul Singh Museum

Sadul Singh Museum

  • Bikaner
  • Rajasthan
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Sadul Singh Museum, Bikaner Overview

Rajasthan has become one of the leading destinations in India and every year lakhs of tourists from all corners of the world throng the exquisite place. The place has an extremely rich history and offers tourists several attractions. The state has gained huge popularity for its majestic forts and unique palaces that go a long way in adding charm to its beauty. The exquisiteness of Rajasthan is such that the place receives a significantly higher number of tourists from many foreign destinations. The diverse and colorful culture of Rajasthan has left scores of foreigners in awe of the place.


Among the various stunning places, Sadul Singh Museum has emerged as one of the major sightseeing attractions of Bikaner. Sadul Singh Museum is located with the Lalgarh Palace. According to experts, the art museum has been devoted to succeeding rulers of Bikaner that may include Maharaja Ganga Singh, Sadul Singh, and Karni Singh. When you visit the temple, you will come across a huge collection of Georgian Paintings, stunning photographs, several trophies of hunting, unique artifacts at the gallery of the museum.

The museum has segregated the sections in order to devote them to each king highlighting his achievements and heroic activities. Sadul Singh has gained massive fame for its warrior heritage and the place has remained true to that ancestry.


Sadul Singh Museum also depicts the images of the royal families and several other items that the royal family used in their day to day life. The different images of many different generations of the royal family have been put together in an attractive style. When you begin to see these pictures and read about them, you will find yourself completely lost in history. The several items available in the museum may include Royal carriage, the train that Maharaja Ganga Singh had purchased from Bikaner, and projectors among others. If you love to explore the history, the place is ideal for you.


Visitor Information:


Sadul Singh Museum is located on the second floor of the Lalgarh Palace. The museum remains open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. The museum remains closed on Sunday.


Traveler Tips:


Travellers must be aware of the basic things before venturing into Rajasthan. The temperature of Rajasthan may turn highly humid and hot during the day time. When you step out for sight-seeing, make sure you carry plenty of water in your bags. Due to the high temperature, you may feel thirsty every now and then. When it comes to clothing, make sure you wear light and comfortable clothes. You can capture pictures of the magnificent articles kept inside the museum. You also need to brush up your knowledge about the history of the palace.


Things to Do:


You can indulge in some fun shopping when you happen to visit Sadal Singh Museum. You can explore the local markets that are full of artistic items. Make sure you do not pollute the place and don’t throw the litter everywhere on the roads. A large number of tourists thronging the Museum do not forget to take the camel ride that will be full of entertainment.




Guides are also available for your convenience. You can hire the guide as per your spoken language. English-speaking guides and regional language speaking guides can be hired to make your trip memorable. Sometimes, the travel and tour operator offers a guide in your package.




If you want to take a sneak peek into history, you must visit Sadul Singh Museum that offers a rich history to travel buffs. You will get to know the powerful past of royalty in vast details. You will also witness Georgian culture in close detail. You may also capture the beautiful pictures that will become your treasure trove.


Best Time to Visit:


You need to plan your trip during the colder months. Ideally, you should visit Rajasthan from October to March. Rajasthan remains extremely hot during the summer months and you may not be able to tolerate the extreme heat during these months. However, Mt Abu is comparatively cooler in comparison to the other parts of Rajasthan. You should also avoid touring the place during monsoon season as the rain may impact your sightseeing. Winter has emerged as the best period to make your trip to Sadal Singh Museum.


How to Reach?


Jodhpur is the nearest airport where you can get domestic flights. And, the nearest railway station is Bikaner Junction or Lalgarh Railway station. You can also get buses that have been plying between major cities. When you get down at the airport and railway station, you can hire autos, taxis, or buses to reach Lalgarh Palace and from thereon you will find the museum on the second floor.


Interesting Facts and Trivia About:


You will witness clothes and armor at the museum. The museum has a magnificent dome and corridor style architecture. It is in white construction material. You will also get to see the transportation vehicles that kings used for visiting various places. The vehicles include Baggi and train. You will also find detailed pictures of royal families.


Nearby Attractions:


When you are in Sadul Singh Museum, you will witness various nearby attractions to explore. It may include Junagarh Fort, Kota Gate, Lalgarh Palace, Jain temple, Gajner temple, Karni Mata Temple. You can anytime visit these popular places and boost your fun.

Therefore, we can conclude here that Sadul Singh Museum, Bikaner has emerged as one of the best destinations in Rajasthan and you will definitely fall in love with the place.

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