Old Palace

Old Palace

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Old Palace, Hampi Overview

Popularly known by the name of Gagan Mahal, the Old Palace is a famous historical monument in Hampi. This palace served as the royal residence in the bygone times. It was the home to the royal family of Krishna Deva Raya in the 16th century and an enticing edifice that had its own charm. It is also said that the most exquisitely carved area was the residence of Krishna Deva Raya’s senior queen, Tirumala Devi. Presently, it is an eminent site that is visited on a huge scale.

It Is Known For:-
1)    Gagan Mahal is known for its beauty and unique architecture.

2)    It was built 500 years ago in a manner that its interiors remained cool even during the high temperatures.

3)    It is said that the Old Palace was the most affluent place in Hampi when Vijayanagara Empire was at its zenith. It was loaded with the precious treasure that was used for the welfare of the public of the kingdom.

4)    The entire structure was palatial enough to accommodate several soldiers but was devastated during the Muslim invasion in the region.

5)    At present, it serves as a place where the regional administrative offices are located but, the palace stands in a semi-ruined state.

Best Time To Visit:-
Though Old Palace is a remnant at present, it still has the charm to attract visitors from different parts of Hampi. On a daily basis, it welcomes numerous tourists. An individual can make the visit rewarding by embarking the journey at this spot between October-March because the weather is suitable for exploring the area.

Watch Out!
A tourist visiting Gagan Mahal should be careful, especially if he/she is visiting during summers. It is the season when the temperatures shoot up and make it inconvenient for all to visit the site.

Reaching There:-
Hampi is well-connected with all major highways, roadways, and airways. Such connectivity makes it easier for all to reach the site from different cities and states without any discomfort. The local transit is the finest option for commuting within the city.

Nearest Railway Station:- Hospet Junction
Nearest Airport:- Hubli Airport

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