Zenana Enclosure

Zenana Enclosure

  • Hampi
  • Karnataka
  • India

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Zenana Enclosure, Hampi Overview

Zenana Enclosure is a private pavilion in Hampi. It is a secluded area that was built for the recreational activities for the ladies of the royal family. It stands in the Indo-Islamic style of architecture and had high walls to prevent the intruders from entering its premises. It was guarded by the soldiers as well. Today, it is one of the must-see sites in Hampi.

It Is Known For:-
1)    Zenana Enclosure was a secured place during the rule of Krishna Deva Raya.

2)    The entry gates were guarded by the eunuchs that prevented male courtiers & servants from entering Zenana Enclosure.

3)    Unlike other structures that stood in Hindu style of architecture, Zenana Enclosure was built in an Indo-Islamic style of architecture that displayed the secularism and unity among the Hindus & Muslims during the then times.

4)    It has four watchtowers in the previous times but now only three exist. The presence of these towers defined it as a protected area.

5)    The enclosure also had some places like the Lotus Mahal, Water Pavilion, Secret Tunnel, and a minaret called Treasury building.

Best Time To Visit:-
The best time to visit Zenana Enclosure is throughout the year. It is an amazing spot for spending the leisure time throughout the year. The entry to this place is paid and it varies on the basis of the nationality of a person.

Watch Out!
Prior a visit to Zenana Enclosure, one should keep in mind the weather conditions. Since this place is located in an open area, the extreme conditions like high temperatures and heavy downpour aren’t considered as the right time for visiting this site.

Reaching There:-
Hampi has a well-established connection to the roadways, railways, and airways. All state buses, flights, and regular trains connect Hampi with the rest of Karnataka and other states. Tourists can commute within the city by hiring the service of the local transit that is available on a frequent basis.

Nearest Railway Station:- Hospet Railway Station
Nearest Airport:- Hubli Airport

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