Parasailing in Pune

Parasailing in Pune

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Parasailing in Pune, Pune Overview

Parasailing is the airborne sport that sets your pulse racing & pumps adrenaline throughout your body. It is a must sport for all those who wish to have the ultimate fun and adventure. Parasailing is largely of two types Water and Land parasailing. In India, it is conducted at various places, organized by numerous adventure clubs.


How Parasailing Is Done?

An aero sport in which a long rope, hooked to a safety harness is attached to water or land vehicle, say jeep or a boat. As the vehicle starts moving, the harnessed enthusiast gets towed ahead and with that motion the canopy inflates and brings up the person in the air. The person then floats in the sky and keeps on gaining height as the vehicle accelerates.

The whole activity is wind dependent, where the intensity of the wind decides the canopys height and floating ability. Also, the weight of the participant plays an important factor in taking the parasail at greater heights.

A Perfect Parasailing Center :
Pune has always been an important Parasailing center. Pune is a beautiful city having numerous lakes, fit for Windsurfing and Parasailing. Here, the adventure loving people can seek a lot of fun and at affordable prices.

All the safety measures are duly taken to ensure that the participant is comfortable and safe while in the air. A number of clubs and tourist operators organize parasail activities at any time of the year. So, feel free to come to Pune and enjoy this air sport whole heartedly.

  1. Parasailing Places In Pune:-

Anand Munje's Club

  • Panchgani

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