Aptaeshwar Temple

Aptaeshwar Temple

  • Pushkar
  • Rajasthan
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Aptaeshwar Temple, Pushkar Overview

It is a highly significant and popular religious attraction within the town of Pushkar, Apteshwar temple dedicates itself to Lord Shiva. There are around four hundred temples that are present in the city of Pushkar, this spiritual edifice or the worship site holds the same importance as that of the Brahma Temple in Pushkar.


It is an underground shrine that was inbuilt the 12th century. The temple is believed to be sunk inside the bottom within the past. Thus, the statue of the presiding deity, Shiva retains its position within the sort of an enormous Linga with a snake made from copper encircled around it within the main hall, down the world.


Apteshwar Temple Pushkar is one of the foremost popular and divine places of worship in pious town Pushkar. Aurangzeb during his rule destroyed the temple but it was soon reconstructed. Pilgrims and devotees from all parts of the world offer sincere prayers at the shrine and rebuild their faith in almighty. The Apteshwar temple Pushkar holds an excellent fusion of striking architecture and spiritual importance. With great sorts of construction, the intricate design of the temple would surely leave you mesmerized.


Constructed in the early 12th century, the sanctified spot is devoted to Lord Shiva. As a neighbourhood of holy ritual, the most deity Shiva Lingam is served with Dahi, milk, ghee and honey. In-addition, devotees believe that offering ‘Bel’ leaves to the Lord would fulfill one’s wishes.

Therefore, it can be concluded as that, visiting Apteshwar Temple Pushkar is a great opportunity to witness the magnificent and beautiful architecture and also a great place to learn more about Hindu religious culture. The most celebrated festival of the temple is Shivaratri which is widely known here with great enthusiasm and greatness.


Great History of Apteshwar Temple Pushkar


This 12th century Apteshwar Temple is among the important shrines visited by numerous devotees from all the country throughout the year. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and has been artistically and splendidly constructed. Apparently, the oldest and most revered Indian God, Lord Shiva is believed to possess come right down to this temple and bless his devotees heartily.


The tradition related to Shiva playsan important role in Hinduism and in part of Bali, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.Its historical roots are unclear and contested. The famous historian, Howard Murphy states that the prehistoric rock paintings of India, when seen in their context, are likely those of hunting party with animals, which the figures during a group dance are often interpreted in many various ways while some other historians claim it to be dancing Shiva and Nandi. Rock paintings from Bhimbetka, depicting a figure with a Trishul, are described as Nataraja by Erwin Neumeier, who dates them to the Mesolithic.


As per Hindu mythology, Apteshwar temple, Pushkar is made by the very favourite lord of Pushkar, Brahma. It happened so, that while performing the yagna at Pushkar Lake, Lord Brahma found the lord of destruction, Shiva attending the yagna within the sort of a tantric mendicant with a skull in his hand. Brahma not knowing that it is the Shiva himself insulted the mendicant for his appearance. This angered him and he filled the whole yagna area with skulls.


When Brahma decided to inquire in by way of meditation, his eyes opened with a reality check of things. After he realised what he did, he made an apology to Lord Shiva for his folly and requested him to attend the yagna.


Siva forgives him and attends the Yagna on his request. In an effort of appreciation, Brahma established a temple next to his, which today is understood because of the Apteshwar temple in Pushkar.


Popular Culture of Pushkar


The annual Pushkar Camel Fair is fashionable both locals also as tourists and maybe a must-visit. During the fair, there is a myriad of arts and crafts exhibitions where local traders display their wares, at an occasion called Shilpgra. Folk dances from Rajasthan are popular around the country and therefore the music of Rajasthan is pretty popular, and therefore the locals in Pushkar love the normal dance and music forms too.


The people here in Pushkar are joyous and down to earth celebrate all kinds of festivals with great joy and merriment. The cuisine here in Pushkar is generally vegetarian. The famous dishes include pooha and malpua sometimes along with other dishes.


Best Time to Visit


The weather of Pushkar is usually dry in the nights being cool and days being significantly hotter. There is intermittent rainfall since this is often a desert region and visiting in each season will expose you to different aspects of the town.


Hence, summers and Monsoons in Pushkar can often be scorching and unbearable. This makes winter (November - February) the simplest time to go to this an enchanting city.


How to Reach the Temple?


The decorated Temple of Lord Shiva or the Apteshwar Temple Pushkar is located at the heart of the city. You can reach there by simply walking on foot or by taking a rickshaw. It is just a few minutes away from the other famous attractions of Pushkar.


Availability of Guides


Guides are sometimes available near the venue for hire, and that they sometimes offer a choice of language between English, Hindi or some native tongue. There also are helpful locals sometimes who volunteer to guide tourists. If you're going as a part of a paid tour with a corporation, confirm the supply of a learned guide.


Timings and Entry Fees


The temple is open for all and has no entry fees both either Indians or the foreigners visiting here. The place is free for all to dive into the religious stream. The timings to visit this place start from sunrise and goes on till sunset. The visiting duration is typically for two hours.


These were some basic information about the famous Apteshwar Temple, Pushkar. Visit here on your next tour and explore more about people, architecture, culture and other such things.



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