Atmateshwar Temple

Atmateshwar Temple

  • Pushkar
  • Rajasthan
  • India

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Atmateshwar Temple, Pushkar Overview

Situated at a height of 510 meters to the North West of Ajmer in Rajasthan, Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India. Known for its religious and spiritual significance, this tranquil city of Pushkar is flocked by thousands of tourists and devotees every year. Recognized globally as the home to the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the world, the city of Pushkar also has over 500 ancient temples and shrines. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Atmateshwar temple is one such temple in Pushkar which is recognized for its awe-inspiring architecture and religious importance.


Visitor information


Famous for: Tourism, history, religious purpose, architecture

Timing: 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM; 4:30 PM – 7:30 AM

Entry fee: Free

Visiting duration: Approximately 30 minutes (Time may vary if visiting during any auspicious occasion or festival)


Traveler tips:


• As tourists are not allowed to wear shoes in the temple, you have to keep them outside the temple in designated places free of cost.

• Tourists are not allowed to carry food especially non-veg items in the temple.

• Since the temple is not very huge, you can plan a day visiting other nearby popular attractions.

• Try not to plan a trip to Atmateshwar temple between May and June, because during the summer months the temperature gets very high in this region.


History and architecture:


Dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva, the god of destruction and restoration of the world, Atmateshwar temple is popularly called as Atmateshwar Mahadev temple. Constructed in the 12th century AD, this underground cave temple of Lord Shiva is globally popular for its intricate Hemadpanti architectural carvings and enticing designs. The celling of this temple is carved out of a single stone. Adorned with intricate drawings of Hindu religious stories and scriptures, the interiors are the major attraction of Atmateshwar Mahadev temple. The use of black stone and lime is very evident in the construction of the temple. The lovely architecture and the designs adorning Atmateshwar temple are so precisely made that even after ages, they are still visible to the eyes.


Things to do


Explore the intricate Hemadpanti architectural style carvings that give this temple an awe-inspiring appearance.

Visit the main market near Atmateshwar temple to relish on authentic Daal Bati, a Rajasthani favorite meal.


Best time to visit


Atmateshwar temple can be visited all around the year. Since it is thronged by millions of devotees during the time of Shivaratri and in the month of Shravana to worship Lord Shiva, it’s recommended for tourists not to plan a trip to this shrine during this time. If you are visiting Pushkar in October or November, make sure your trip corresponds with the very popular Pushkar camel fair. As the weather can be extremely hot during summer months in this region of Rajasthan, it is recommended to plan a trip to Pushkar in winter. The most pleasant time to plan a tour to Atmateshwar temple and other popular attractions in Pushkar city is from November to Mach.


How to reach?


• By train: Tourists can easily get private taxi or bus from Ajmer station which is half hour's drive away from Atmateshwar temple located in main Pushkar city. The Ajmer railway station is well-connected with major Indian cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Allahabad, Kolkata, Bhopal, and Lucknow, etc.

• By Bus: Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation runs buses from Delhi to Ajmer and further to Pushkar.

• By air: The nearest airport to Pushkar is in Jaipur, which is 140 kilometers away. Private cars are easily available for Atmateshwar temple in Pushkar from the airport taxi stand.


Nearby attractions:


Apart from the very famous Brahma temple and Atmateshwar temple, Pushkar boasts many other beautiful sightseeing attractions for tourists.

• Savitri temple

• Pushkar Lake

• Rangji temple

• Man Mahal

• Nag Pahar

• Varah Temple

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