Gurudwara Singh Sabha

Gurudwara Singh Sabha

  • Pushkar
  • Rajasthan
  • India
  • Time Required Around 30 minutes

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Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Pushkar Overview

Pushkar was visited by Nanak Sahib Ji in 1509 and Guru Gobind Singh in 1706. The place commemorating the previous Guru's visit was formerly called Nanak Dharmasala but is now referred to as Gurudwara Singh Sabha and functions as a branch of Sri Guru Singh Sabha Ajmer. It is housed as a double-storey flat-roofed building near the bus stand.


Guru Gobind Singh visited Pushkar while he was travelling in Rajputana (Giani Braham Singh Ajmer Tirath Raj Pushkar and therefore the Sikh Gurus, Spokesman Weekly, Nanak Number 1981) in 1706 and stayed for every week. The priest named Chetan Das served him during his stay. The spot where the Guru stayed was named as Guru but now it is changed to Gandhi Ghat.


A stone slab under a kiosk still has Gobind Ghat inscribed thereon, in Gurumukhi, Devanagari, Persian and Roman scripts. Formerly a Gurdwara manned by Nirmala Sikhs was at this location, on the primary floor of the gateway to the Ghat, but it's not extant.


At this Ghat a Brahman priest with a grown hair and donning a turban has in his possession which is a hukamnama written on bhoj patra (leaf or bark of birch tree) it is claimed to be given by Guru Gobind Singh to the priest Chetan Das. Another hukamnama is within the name of 5 Gurdwaras at Amritsar including Sri Akal Takht Sahib. The priest also keeps an old hand-written copy of the Guru Adi Granth.


A small gurdwara building was constructed at Pushkar within the beginning of the 19th Century to commemorate the visits of both Nanak Sahib Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This was been demolished for its renovation and reconstruction and a huge unique Gurdwara building of white marble has been put up.


The gurdwara is covering 10 Bighas of land in its place. Through the massive scale KarSewa of veteran Kar Sewak Baba Lakha Singh, this monument was built. Baba's headquarters tagged with many charitable units from schools to hospitals and inns running langar in Kota city of Rajasthan.


The Gurdwara at Pushkar was been formally inaugurated on 23rd October 2005 albeit the Kar Sewa was ongoing and regular langar – prasad is additionally distributed daily.


What Is The Exact Location Of Gurudwara Singh Sabha Pushkar?


Gurudwara Singh Sabha is a subsidiary of the Singh Sabha in Ajmer and it is located near the bus stand of Pushkar in a beautiful two story white building. The location is great because it makes it easier for people to visit without thinking of travel problems.


What are the other Nearby Attractions?


You can visit Man Mahal, Brahma mandir, Shri Sawai Bhoj Temple and also the Savitri Temple while your visit to Gurudwara Singh Sabha. Famous Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Dargah in Ajmer Sharif is another must-visit place to urge your wish fulfilled. These attractions are famous and should be visited once before you leave the place.


The Brahma mandir is a temple for the Hindus which are dedicated to the creator of the Brahma. The Man Mahal, on the other hand, is a treat to the visitors visiting there. The palace is the biggest royal home build in the city of Pushkar, Rajasthan.


Festival and Fair in Pushkar


A town renowned for its devotion and sacred temples, Pushkar has its name registered amongst the highest festival centres of Rajasthan also. Just like the other regions of the state, Pushkar too gets brightly decorated within the colours of its traditions and rituals during the various fairs that the town stands pleased with. A number of the fairs and festivals even gained Pushkar international recognition.


Counted amongst the most important within the world, fairs and festivals of Pushkar proudly represent the agricultural lifestyle of Rajasthan. Cultural shows and traditional exhibitions greatly contribute to the success of those desert festivals. Due to such a reputation, the region attracts many tourists from everywhere the world.


Being related to various mythologies of Lord Brahma, Pushkar possesses its festivals scheduled as per the favoured beliefs. Prime fairs and festivals to seem call at Pushkar is the Camel Fair, Kite festival and Pushkar rainy fair festival.


Popular Culture of Pushkar


People of Pushkar are friendly, warm and sociable. The vibrancy of Pushkar is reflected within the lives of its people. The tiny town of Pushkar becomes vibrant and vibrant. The people, sadhus, shops, the food, the entire ambience becomes an epitome of Pushkar culture. Camel races and games are organised during the fair.


The lads dress in dhoti, kurta and enormous turbans. Women's clothes contain ghagra, choli which may be a sort of blouse. Religion forms a crucial part of the lives of the people of Pushkar. Hinduism is that the chief religion practised by the people.


Best time to visit


Gurudwara Singh Sabha Pushkar can be visited at any time of the day as per the convenience and as per the weather conditions. If you want to have a pleasant trip them go and visit the place in winter. This is because the weather in Rajasthan is hot and humid most of the time of the year.


How to Reach?


Pushkar is 13 km from Ajmer and may be reached easily via road, rail and air. You'll reach Gurudwara Singh Sabha by road after reaching Pushkar. Pushkar, also referred to as Tirtharaj is situated beside the famous Pushkar Lake. It's also called Temple Town for its documented Brahma temple and other beautiful temples all around, which holds great attraction amongst the Indian also because of the foreign tourist.


These were some of the important things to know about Gurudwara Singh Sabha before you visit the place. You will be delighted to see the culture, people, history etc. So for your next holiday visit Pushkar and enjoy your time with family and friends.



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