Rangji Temple

Rangji Temple

  • Pushkar
  • Rajasthan
  • India
  • Time Required Around 1 hour

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Rangji Temple, Pushkar Overview

Rajasthan has emerged as one of the most happening places in India that has left tourists from all across the globe intrigued with its beautiful temples, forts, sanctuaries, and architectures. It has already carved its niche as a state with diverse culture and huge vibrancy. Once you visit it, you will find it difficult to stop yourself from visiting it yet again. The simple yet colorful life of people in Rajasthan is another attraction that you will fall in love with.


Among the various places that figures in the list of most popular destinations in Rajasthan, you will spot the name of Rangji temple. The temple has already become one of the highly popular temples of the vivacious state. The temple pays reverence and dedication to Lord Vishnu who is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Rangji. According to experts, the temple was built in the year 1823 by Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal who was hailing from Hyderabad. You will discover idols of other revered deities in the temple. These deities may include Goddamaji, Goddess Laxmi ji, Lord Krishna, and Shri Ramanujacharya among others. The temple has already gained huge popularity among domestic and international tourists. In the temple, a large number of followers make a beeline to offer their prayers and pay their tribute to the deities inside its complex.


The temple is located at one the highly popular cities of Rajasthan, Pushkar. Pushkar has gained immense popularity among travellers. It houses approximately 400 magnificent temples. In fact, Pushkar is the only city all across the earth where you will find Lord Brahma’s temple. There is a saying that you do not have to offer even a single penny in the temple. And, if you do so, you may soon become a pauper. You will witness a huge presence of foreigners in Pushkar who apparently have fallen in love with this mystique city. Every temple in the city has a unique story to tell and you will love this incredible experience for your entire life. The city has emerged as one of the must visit places of Rajasthan.




Rajput and Mughar architecture can be seen in perfect combination in the temple. You will also notice South India architecture as well in the shape of surging Gopuram. These unique things provide an altogether different charm to travel buffs.


Visitor Information:


When you visit the temple, you do not have to pay any entry fee. The visiting time of the temple is from 6 in the morning to 7 in the evening. It remains open every day. The duration for visiting the popular temple is between 1 to 2 hours.


Traveller Tips:


Travellers must carry a hat or a cap while travelling to this beautiful place. Keep an umbrella, shades, and water bottles handy as the weather is going to be hot during the day even if you happen to travel it during winter season. You must wear some decent clothes and avoid wearing outfits such short skirts. It is worth noting that you should never enter the Rangji temple’s premises with your footwear on. The temple remains open for the tourists and pilgrims from dawn to dusk. And, during the afternoon hours, the temple shuts its doors for pilgrims. It is between 1 pm to 4 pm. Therefore, you should avoid visiting the temple during these hours.




The Rangji temple has emerged as one of the most ancient temples of Rajasthan besides the 400 other temples located in the vicinity. The temple offers a vital confluence of various types of cultures in its mesmerizing architecture. You will notice the hints of Dravidian culture, Rajputana culture, and Mughal styles of architecture. It came into existence way back in 1823. It has now become famous for its architecture and pilgrimage.


Best Time to Visit:


You may visit the temple throughout the year as it remains open for pilgrims in all 12 months. However, since the temperature of Rajasthan may rise sharply during summers, you should avoid visiting it during summer months. It is ideal to visit it between November to February as weather becomes moderate in winter. As Rangji is a holy place, you will not find guides here especially around the temple’s premises. However, if you have got a guide in your tour package, the guide may accompany you throughout your travel period.


How to Reach?


You may reach Rangji temple from Ajmer city. You may take a taxi or tourist bus from Ajmer to reach the temple. It is located 10 kms away from Ajmer and it may take you approximately 30 minutes to an hour to reach the famous temple. It is important to note that the neared railway station is located in Ajmer itself.


Nearby Attractions:


There are various popular attractions near Pushkar that you may explore during your visit to the city. You must never miss the Ratangiri Hill hike and camel safari as they have become top attractions of the place. You may also think of visiting the Pushkar Bazaar or take a ride of hot air balloon. You will thoroughly love your experience after indulging in these activities. The temple has been celebrating several Hindu religious calendar all over the year. During these months, huge crowd throng the temple and offer their prayers. You may visit the other popular temples in Pushkar that may include Savitri, Saraswati, and Varah among others.


Therefore, we can conclude here that when you plan your visit to Rajasthan, make sure you visit the highly famous Rangji Temple, Pushkar.



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