Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach

  • Western Cape
  • South Africa
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Boulders Beach, Western Cape Overview

Mention Boulders Beach and the first thing you will hear about this place is the presence of some unusual friends who will make sure that a visit there is an unforgettable experience. Watch out for the cute South African Penguins that are visible there in pairs or groups, just lazing away or strolling in their characteristic manner. Guided tours to see the best areas for penguin-spotting are arranged by the staff at the national park, so make sure you do not miss it. The name of the beach originated due to the presence of ‘Granite Boulders’ that are scattered across the beach and form many water inlets. With warm waters, cool wind and dazzling scenery to take your breath away, Boulders Beach makes your stay very interesting. Perfect for a day out in the sun, the Boulders Beach has plenty of space to picnic and just do some wave watching or surfing, with your loved ones.

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