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  • Santa Cruz de Mompox in Cartagena
    Santa Cruz de Mompox

    Founded in 1540 on the banks of the River Magdalena, Mompox played a key role in the Spanish colonization of northern South America. From the 16th to ...


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  • Cartagena Beach in Cartagena
    Cartagena Beach

    The city of Cartagena located in Columbia is nearly surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The protected Cartagena Beach consisting of small, coral stones c...


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Visit the Convento de la Popa : - There is a small chapel with photographs commemorating the Pope's visit to the convent in the 1980's. The 360 degree view is astounding, and the architecture inside is absolutely beautiful. The Convento de la Popa is Cartagena's number 1 tourist attraction.

Bathe in the Volcán de Totumo, or nearby Arboletes : - These are mud volcanoes. Totumo is the tallest mud volcano in the world.

Visit the fort at Bocachica : - This strategic fort saw a lot of action is surrounded by a moat and is riddled with tunnels that are inhabited by bats. You can get there in a water-taxi that leaves from the Muelle de Pegasos, the wharf in front of the clock-tower.

Be scared out of your wits in The Palacio de Inquisicion : - Facing Plaza Bolivar, this large building displays original, Colonial and post-independence exhibits. The Palacio also houses the Cartagena Historical Archives.

Explore Las Bovedas : - These former dungeons now house varied stores of Colombian souvenirs. There are more than a dozen of them and no two are the same. There are innumerable fascinating things to do in Cartagena which cannot be listed here completely. But a trip to Cartagena will reveal all!


Water sports are the best activities in Cartagena, since the city is surrounded by Caribbean Sea on one side. Afternoon is the best time to play with water since the sea breezes begin their dance at that time. Kite surfing, wind surfing, sailing, scuba diving or sailing and many other water sport activities are available to satisfy your aqua craving.

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