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  • Vajrapoha Falls in Belgaum#1
    Vajrapoha Falls

    Vajrapoha Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Belgaum district of Karnataka. It is located in the village of Jamboti and is surrounded by the charming s...


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  • Safa Masjid in Belgaum#2
    Safa Masjid

    Safa Masjid is an ancient mosque in Karnataka. It is located within the premises of Belgaum Fort, a key tourist destination in the state. Constructed ...


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  • Parasgad Fort in Belgaum#3
    Parasgad Fort

    Parasgad Fort is a ruined historical monument in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located in the district of Belgaum and perches over a hilltop. I...


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  • Kittur Fort and Palace in Belgaum#4
    Kittur Fort and Palace

    Located in a small town in Karnataka, Kittur Fort and Palace is a prominent tourist site in Belgaum. This historical monument used to be the authorita...


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  • Kapileshwar Temple in Belgaum#5
    Kapileshwar Temple

    Kapileshwar Temple is an ancient Hindu temple in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is situated in the city of Belgaum and is known by the name of ‘D...


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  • Jamboti Hills in Belgaum#6
    Jamboti Hills

    Jamboti Hills aka Jambooti Hills is a renowned travel attraction on the outskirts of Belgaum. It is a magnificent hill range that is an extension of t...


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  • Gokak Falls in Belgaum#7
    Gokak Falls

    Formed from the River Ghataprabha, Gokak Falls are a must-see falls in Belgaum. Also known by the name of Mini Niagara, it is one of the well-known to...


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  • Godchinamalaki Falls in Belgaum#8
    Godchinamalaki Falls

    Also known by the name of Markandeya Falls due to its emergence from Markandeya River, Godchinamalaki Falls is an attractive waterfall in Belgaum. Thi...


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  • Military Mahadeva Temple in Belgaum#9
    Military Mahadeva Temple

    Military Mahadeva Temple requires no formal introduction. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the slayer of ghouls, in Hinduism. As per its ...


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  • Belgaum Fort in Belgaum#10
    Belgaum Fort

    The Belgaum Fort is a major tourist attraction in Belgaum. Belgaum was ruled by a number of dynasties and as such the fort has undergone many addition...

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  • St. Marys Church in Belgaum#11
    St. Marys Church

    A tour of Belgaum should feature the city's majestic churches. The St. Mary's church in Belgaum boasts of an awe-inspiring architecture. Built in 1869...


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Things To Do In Belgaum

Belgaum is a beautiful city surrounded by hills, rivers and the greenery of forests. Activities such as trekking around Jamboti and Amboli ghats, white water rafting on the Kali River and paragliding can be revelled in.

For religious travellers the temples to pay a visit are Mal Maruti Temple, Kalavati Aai Temple, Siddeshwar Temple, Sulebhavi Mahalakshmi Temple and Military Hindalga Ganapati Temple to name a few.

The Belagavi Fort is an old structure built in 12th century. It houses the splendid Kamal Basti in its premises. The watchtower and sunset point offer a beautiful view. Gokak Falls and Dudhsagar Falls are also major destinations for enjoying natural beauty.

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