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Devi Kund - Bikaner India

India has always been a tourists' destination for her historical places rich with architecture. Spending holidays in India enjoying these royal places is a lifetime experience for anyone. One of the most famous tourist attractions in India is the Devi-kund, Rajasthan. Devi-kund, the Royal crematorium, is a world class example of architectural marvels of Historical India. Devi-kund is the site of royal cenotaphs (called Chattri in the local language) of the Bikaji Rathores, the great rulers of the Bika dynasty. Reflecting the Rajputana architectural style, the Devi-kund chattris steal the hearts of tourists. There are several chattris, one each for one Bika ruler constructed at the exact spot where he was cremated. The crematorium for royal adult men are white structures canopied with an upright stela engraved their name, portrait and. Those for royal wives are canopied structure covering a horizontal plaque with a pair of footprints often marked with the kind of henna patterns drawn on the feet for a wedding or festival. And those for children are small white cubes are not canopied.

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