Negheriting Shiv Mandir

Negheriting Shiv Mandir

  • Golaghat
  • Assam
  • India

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Negheriting Shiv Mandir, Golaghat Overview

Negheriting Shiva Mandir is an ancient Hindu temple in Golaghat. It was built during the 8th-9th centuries by the Kacharis. This temple enshrines Lord Mahadeva in the form of a linga. Many times, this temple was damaged and reconstructed due to natural calamities. Finally, Swargadeo Sangha reconstructed this temple on a hillock. Tourists and locals visit this place alike on a daily basis.

It Is Known For:-

1) Negheriting Shiva Mandir is one of the ancient temples in Golaghat

2) The Shivalinga in the sanctum of this temple was built by carving the stones. Those stones were found in Dihing River

3) According to a legend, the temple never stood for long and merged into waters of River Dihing. It is said that the river didn’t want to leave Lord Shiva

4) After various efforts, Swargadeo Sangha contacted Ghanshyam, the leading architect during the Ahom period

5) He was appointed for the construction of Negheriting Temple. A hillock was chosen for the construction work

6) The present-day temple stands on the hillock and many devotees flock to offer the prayers to the Lord

Best Time To Visit:-

Negheriting Shiva Mandir is a holy site. Devotees and others visit this place on a daily basis. All Mondays witness a huge footfall in the temple. The best time for visiting the temple is on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri. It is the time when the whole temple is decorated and prayers are offered to Lord Shiva throughout the day.

Watch Out!

Watch out for the Rhesus monkeys. You can see many Rhesus monkeys near this temple. They don’t harm the devotees and you can feed different fruits and other food items to them. However, you should take care of the belongings while feeding them.

Reaching There:-

Golghat is well-connected to the major highways, railheads, and airways in Assam. Such connectivity makes it convenient to reach. The state-run buses, express trains, and flights are available in plenty for reaching Golghat.

Nearest Railway Station - Golaghat Junction
Nearest Airport - Rowriah Airport

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