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  • Kansua Temple in Kota#1
    Kansua Temple

    Sitting pretty on the river banks of beautiful Chambal, the Kansua Temple is a key attraction of Kota and is a must-visit when you are in the city. Al...


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  • Garadia Mahadev Temple in Kota#2
    Garadia Mahadev Temple

    The river Chambal runs down from a gorge of an altitude of around five hundred meters. On either side of the gorge lies the Gigantic Mountains. The wi...


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  • City Palace in Kota#3
    City Palace

    Kota, which is a popular educational hub that hosts most of the student incursions organized in Rajasthan, definitely has many magnificent architectur...


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  • Shiv Puri Dham in Kota#4
    Shiv Puri Dham

    Shiv Puri Dham is a renowned Hindu pilgrimage site located in the district of Kota. It is a shrine dedicated to Lord Mahadeva. Shiv Puri Dham is said ...


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  • Seven Wonders Park in Kota#5
    Seven Wonders Park

    Missing Seven Wonders Park in the city of Kota means missing a huge part of the fun. It is one among the prominent tourist attractions in Kota. This p...


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  • Radhika Resort and Amusement Park in Kota#6
    Radhika Resort and Amusement Park

    The list of the tourist attractions in Kota holds the name of Radhika Resort and Amusement Park. It is a well-known recreational site in the city. The...


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  • Kota Zoological Park in Kota#7
    Kota Zoological Park

    Kota Zoological Park is a great tourist attraction in Rajasthan. It is located near Kishore Sagar Lake and is one of the must-see destinations in Kota...


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  • Kota Barrage in Kota#8
    Kota Barrage

    Kota Barrage is a famous tourist attraction in Rajasthan. It is a water barrage and earthen dam listed under the Chambal Valley Project. It stands on ...


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  • Kishore Sagar in Kota#9
    Kishore Sagar

    Built by the Prince of Bundi named Dher Deh in the thirteenth-century, Kishore Sagar is an artificial lake in Kota. It is an amazing tourist attractio...


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  • Khade Ganesh Ji Mandir in Kota#10
    Khade Ganesh Ji Mandir

    Khade Ganesha Ji Mandir is another religious place in Kota, Rajasthan. As per its name, this temple is devoted to Lord Ganesha who is known by differe...


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  • Jal Mandir in Kota#11
    Jal Mandir

    Jag Mandir is a well-known travel attraction in the city of Kota. It is a beautiful monument standing in Kishore Sagar Lake. This grandiose was constr...


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  • Godavari Dham in Kota#12
    Godavari Dham

    Godavari Dham is a popular Hindu temple that rests near the banks of the River Chambal. The first time visitors usually mistake this shrine being dedi...


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  • Taragarh Fort in Kota#13
    Taragarh Fort

    The Taragarh Fort in Kota was built in 1345 and was the center of a kingdom in Rajasthan. The entrance to the Taragarh Fort, which is about 39 km from...

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  • Jagmandir Palace in Kota#14
    Jagmandir Palace

    Jagmandir Palace Kota is admired all over the world for its magnificent palaces as well as forts. Besides offering a visual delight to the travelers, ...

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  • Umed Bhawan Palace in Kota#15
    Umed Bhawan Palace

    Maharaja Umed Singh II, ruling king of Kota in the early 1900s, who resided in the medieval fort within the city of Kota, decided that he wanted a mod...

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  • Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary in Kota#16
    Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 250 sq. kms and is strategically located 50 kms. away from the town of Kota. In the days of...


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  • Chambal Garden in Kota#17
    Chambal Garden

    Chambal Garden is a beautiful tourist attraction in the city of Kota. Known for its eye-catchy surroundings, it has a huge carpet of garnet green gras...

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  • Parbati River in Kota#18
    Parbati River

    Parbati River originates from the northern slopes of Vindhan range in Madhya Pradesh and enters Rajasthan in Kota district where it meets Chambal. Par...


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