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  • Timings 8 00 AM to 7 00 PM
  • Entry Fee Foreign tourists - INR 100 and Indian tourists - INR 5 per person

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Dilkusha, Lucknow Overview

Lucknow is known as the city of nawabs and the interiors of the city reflect this nawabi andaaz. The city is lined with a number of structures and buildings that make it look as royal as possible. And one of most renowned structures in the state of Lucknow is none other than the Dilkusha Kothi.

Although a large part of Dilkusha, Lucknow is now ruined and in a dilapidated condition, the fact that it still showcases the best of this nawabi city. It is still considered a structure that is of great significance and reflects the historical and cultural aura that the city possesses. A majority of the people visit the Dilkusha Kothi in Lucknow to experience the true essence of Lucknow.

Things to Do

When you are visiting the Dilkusha Kothi in Lucknow, the best thing you can do is explore the palace and enjoy your time. You can even go for a picnic with your loved ones like the begums of Lucknow or have some quiet time away from the city’s noises.


Major Gore Ouseley initiated the construction of this historic monument in the 18th century in the capital of Uttar Pradesh. He was a close friend or acquaintance of the then ruler of Oudh, Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. As per the historical references, this Kothi was used as a summer resort by the nawabs and even served as a hunting lodge. The begums or the wives pf the nawabs would also visit this Dilkusha Kothi during the summers and enjoy a light outing or picnic with each other while bathing in the river on whose bank this kothi is built.


While the kothi is now in a dilapidated condition, its architecture is still very fascinating and a piece of art for all the architecture buffs. The design and structure of this beautiful kothi palace has a stark resemblance to the Seaton Delaval Hall, an amazing country house located in Northumberland, England. It had a mini basement, topped by three story building. There were four ornamental octagonal towers and an impressive stairway that led people inside. The statue of ladies in front of the balustrades are also a piece of stunning beauty that grasp the attention of many tourists.

Best Time to Visit

Located in the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the climate around the summers can get pretty hot in Lucknow. The temperature in Dilkusha Kothi can go far beyond 42 degrees in the summer and might cause problems for you. A majority of the people are unable to enjoy the beauty pf the Dilkusha, Lucknow due to the excessive heat in the summers. To make the most of the visit, it is advisable that you plan a trip to the Dilkusha Kothi during the winter months or between the months of September and March.

How to Reach

As the Dilkusha Kothi is located in the heart of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh's capital city, it is very easy for tourists to reach here. Whether it is via road, rail, or flight, one can find easy transport options to reach here. You have seamless roads connecting the city with other cities. The Lucknow railway station has trains plying from different corners of India. The airport nearest to Lucknow is the Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport. Once you have reached Lucknow, you can take a cab, taxi, auto or any other local transport to reach Dilkusha kothi.

Nearby Attractions

Lucknow has come to be known as a popular tourist attraction owing to the many sightseeing options that it offers. The city has palaces, monuments, and various other things that make it a significant tourist attraction. There are several tourist attractions that you can visit when you plan a visit to Dilkusha, Lucknow. Some of these are the Lord Hanuman Temple in Aliganj, Sikendar Bagh, Gurudwara Yahiyaganj, Jain Temples, Vidhan Bhawan, Shaheed Smarak, and much more. Apart from that, you can even visit the interesting National Botanical Research Institute.

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