Nadan Mahal

Nadan Mahal

  • Lucknow
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • India

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Nadan Mahal, Lucknow Overview

The capital city of UP (Uttar Pradesh) is a den of people, smells and sounds. But if have not visited this fascinating, electrifying and delightful city, you have missed a great opportunity to make yourself entertained in an unique way. Lucknow, the ‘city of nawabs’ is a diverse city that had started receiving prominence from the end of 18th century. During the reign of Awadh’s nawabs this place became a famous center of culture and art.


The skyline of the city is a captivating array of buildings which are having a diverse range of architectural styles that is rooted back in the Mughal era. Lucknow is a popular name due to its different facets of cultural heritage including music, poetry and embroidery, which are flawlessly tangled with finance, pharmaceuticals and modern technology.


'Muskuraiye ki ap Lucknow mein hain'! This majestic city is full of royal palaces, historic spots, ancient temples, high-tech shopping malls, magnificent museums, delicious food and architectural marvels. If still you have not enjoyed the warm hospitality of this city, you must plan for it at least once in your life. And, if you are in the nawab’s city, don’t miss out an opportunity to visit Nandan Mahal, Lucknow.




The history of Nandan Mahal can be traced back in the time of Mughal ruling. It is another catacomb in the history of Lucknow. This is one of the eldest surviving monuments in Indian history which is devoted to the memory of Shaikh Ibrahim Chishti, who was the first governor of Mughal India, during the reign of Akbar.

Though it is less discovered among the tourists come to visit Lucknow but it is one of the most serene tourist destinations of the city.


Traveller Tips:


• No entry fee is required.

• As it is situated in between a public park, it remains open all seven days a week.

• Timings for visit is between 6 AM and 10 PM.




Nandan Mahal, Lucknow is situated in old Lucknow, in a park backdrop. The park complex holds three structures and among those two are encircled tombs. Between those two tombs, one includes the remnants of Shaikh Ibrahim Chishti.


As the tomb was constructed during the Mughal era, it holds the architectural design patterns of the Mughals. The surrounded bays within the monument are panelled and sunken. The architectural structure of this historic building includes framed shades which cover the entrances in the east, west and north directions. But the entry to the south side, which is the main entrance for the chamber, is decorated with a huge sized stone tablet that is having three Nastaliq styled Persian couplets.


The roof of the mausoleum is designed with a lotus leaf ornament on its top. And, the drum of the roof is octagonal shaped which brags with green and blue coloured tiles.


Best Time to Visit:


Summer – if you are planning trip during the summer, restrict your planning in between March and April. After that temperature here rises and normally crosses the limit of 45 degree Celsius.

Winter – winter here is pleasing and sunny too except for the nights which remain foggy and icy. More or less, you will love a visit here during this season.


How to Reach?


Lucknow is well connected with roadways and railways with the rest of the country. You can easily hire a bus service or cab to reach here from any part of India. Also, from any major cities of India, you can get a flight to reach Lucknow airport.


Interesting Facts and Trivia About:


After the death of Shaikh Ibrahim Chishti, his followers used visit his tomb regularly for deliverance (nandan) of his soul. Since then this place became known as Nandan Mahal.


Nearby Attractions:


You can easily visit a number of nearby places of Nandan Mahal after visiting this place, including –

• British Residency

• Bara Imambara

• Lucknow Zoo

• Chota Imambara

• State Museum Lucknow

• Chattar Manzil

• Dr. Ambedkar Park

• Hussainabad Picture Gallery

• Indira Gandhi Planetarium

• Begum Hazrat Mahal Park

• Maa Chandrika Devi Temple

• Hazratganj

• 1857 Memorial Museum

• Rumi Darwaza

• Jama Masjid


So, if you are passionate of exploring historial places, monuments and the history buried in their backdrop, you love visiting Nandal Mahal and Lucknow. You also enjoy tasting the food here which is another specialty of this city of nawabs. Plan your trip soon!


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