Ajatshatru Fort

Ajatshatru Fort

  • Rajgir
  • Bihar
  • India
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Ajatshatru Fort, Rajgir Overview

Built during the rule of the King Ajatshatru, the Fort of Ajatshatru is a historical monument in Rajgir. It is more than 2500 years old and was considered one of the finest forts ever built in India. Even today, this ancient architectural marvel captures the sight of numerous visitors on a huge scale.


Why Is It Famous?
1) Ajatshatru Fort was known for its architecture. The chambers for the royal family and courtiers were embellished with precious jewels in the bygone times.
2) There was a secret tunnel for deploying the army directly to the battlefield. No one knew how long the tunnel was after the fort was devastated.
3) Bimbisar Jail, named after King Bimbisar (Ajatshatru’s Father) is a major attraction here. According to the history, Bimbisar was imprisoned by Ajatshatru because he was a great follower of Buddha.
4) Respecting the sentiments of his father, Ajatshatru replaced his prison to a place from where Bimbisar could see and hear Buddha delivering his sermons.


Best Time To Visit:-
Ajatshatru Fort welcomes the visitors throughout the year from 9 am – 6 pm but, October-March is the apt time for exploring the ruins. The pleasantly cool weather makes it comfortable for spending hours around the historical site. No entry fee is charged from anyone visiting the place.


Nearest Railway Station - Rajgir Railway Station
Nearest Airport - Patna Airport

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