Saptaparni Cave

Saptaparni Cave

  • Rajgir
  • Bihar
  • India
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Saptaparni Cave, Rajgir Overview

Saptaparni Cave or Sattapani Cave is a historical site in Bihar. Located 2 km from the main town of Rajgir, it is a hill cave that was acclaimed to be the place where Buddha spent a year or two here before ascending to the heavenly abode. Saptaparni Cave is an important site for the followers of Buddhism.


Why Is It Famous?
1) Saptaparni Cave is the place where the first Buddhist Council was held when Buddha was alive
2) The council of monks appointed Ananda (Buddha's cousin) and Uppali to deliver the sermons after Buddha attained mahaparinirvana
3) Uppali was claimed to have a great memory. Since Buddha never wrote what he taught, Uppali had a complete account of his sermons
4) Some of the greatest sermons of Buddha were inscribed inside the cave by Uppali & Ananda together. Each sermon begins with 'Thus Have I Heard on One Occasion'.


Best Time To Visit:-
October-March is the suitable time for visiting Saptaparni Cave. The weather during this period is suitable for exploring the sacred site. No entry fee is charged and no one is allowed to carry any eatables inside.


Nearest Railway Station - Rajgir Railway Station
Nearest Airport - Patna Airport

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