Makhdum Kund

Makhdum Kund

  • Rajgir
  • Bihar
  • India
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Makhdum Kund, Rajgir Overview

Makhdum Kund or Makhdoom Kund is a sacred spring and dargah of a Muslim saint, Makhdum Shah. He was a Sufi saint who spent twelve years in the woods of Rajgir. He was an extraordinary individual who helped the locals without expecting anything. Many claimed that he had miraculous powers for healing the long terms ailments.


Why Is It Famous?
Makhdum Kund is known for its sanctity. This place is equally visited by the Hindu & Muslim sect in Rajgir. There is a small place where the dargah of Makhdum Shah is located. Muslims & Hindus regularly visit this site and seek his blessings. The pond known by the same name is regarded as sacred because people claim that the water of the pond never dries and is blessed by divine powers. The festivals of Eid-Ul-Fitr, Holi, and Diwali are celebrated here.


Best Time To Visit:-
Makhdum Kund is visited on a high scale during winters. Since the water remains warm throughout the year, as claimed to be blessed, many pilgrims do not miss a chance to take a holy dip in it.


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Nearest Airport - Patna Airport

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