Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park

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Baluran National Park, Java Overview

Located on the Eastern borders of Java, Baluran National Park is a large landscape consisting mostly of savannahs, lowland forest, mangrove forest and hills with Mount Baluran as the highest peak. The park covers an area of 250 sq. km. On the vast grasslands, one can see the animals walking around freely. The trips to Baluran National Park truly justify the word ‘safari’. The tag of National Park was given to this place in 1984.





The most striking feature here is the 1,247 m high Mount Baluran, an inactive volcano. 40% of the land in this National Park comprises of savannah grasslands. Another exotic location is the Bama Beach with white sands. The coastal areas of Baluran National Park are covered with mangroves. Some healthy coral reefs are also situated here.




Flora and Fauna

About 444 species of plants have been recorded here, including some of the endangered ones. The mammals found in the national park are Banteng, Dhole, Indian Muntjac, Java Mouse-Deer, Fishing Cat, Leopard and Javan Lutung. The last recorded number of bird species is 196, including the Green Peafowl, Red Jungle fowl, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Rhinoceros Hornbill and Lesser Adjutant.





This region is one of the driest places in Java, especially from April to October. During the latter half of the dry season, between June and October, animals are more likely to be seen. There are heavy rainfalls in the park in the months of January and February.




Get in

Travel to the nearest town of Wonorejo by bus. The other option is to travel till Banyuwangi by ferry and take a half an hour drive to the national park from there. At the entrance, per person fee is to be paid.




Get Around

Some areas of the park can be covered by car or by ojeks. Baluran National Park is one of the easiest parks to get around.




Places to See

Around Mount Baluran, the vast grassland, called Bekol Savannah, has a very African feel to it. Tourists will get to see many wild animals grazing around in their natural environment. There is a tower also, offering a panoramic view of the landscape. Thrill seekers can also climb Mount Baluran to get amazing views of the ocean and even Bali on clear days.



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